Which is better – Urine-OFF or Nature’s Miracle for Removing Cat Urine Odor

Our question this week was:

I just read your article about the product Urine Off for Dogs. I’ve been using Nature’s Miracle for years. How do you think these 2 products compare? Which do you think works better?

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Hi – thanks for your email and your kind comments about our newsletter. Your question was about the comparison between Urine-off and Nature’s Miracle. I’ve used both and like both. These are actually two of my favorite products. I have clients who have also used and like both. I’ve also heard some different behaviorists that deal with this on a daily basis like both very much.

As far as which is better? I’m not really sure – it may depend a little on your cat’s chemistry and the urine but I’ve found both works. I may prefer Urine-off as it has helped me personally in a few situations when nothing else did.

Another product I REALLY like is new on the market called Zero Odor. This product is amazing.

I think the really important thing about these products is that you use them liberally as directed by the manufacturer. This is not a time to “skimp”.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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