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Why Cats Do Those Weird Things

Why Cats Do These Weird Things

Sometimes cats do the cutest-and the weirdest-things. If you’ve ever seen a kitten play you’ve probably seen them act completely normal one minute and then turn into totally different animals the next. There are quite a few cat behaviors that make me wonder. Why do cats do that? What does it mean?

Here’s a great example: I love when a cat comes and rubs up against my leg. It’s so cute and also pretty strange if you’re not familiar with how cats behave. The other day a client asked me why cats do this. I have the answer here for you. Find out why cats rub against legs in this article. Go to: Why Do Cats Rub Up Against Things?

OK, here’s another good question – why do cats yawn? I’ve heard all kinds of theories about why humans yawn but cats actually yawn too…and the reasons are fascinating.

To learn more, go to: Why Do Cats Yawn?

I hope this helps you understand a little more about your cat and why your cat might have some “weird” behavior at times.