Why Do Cats Wake You Up in the Morning?

Does your cat get you up at the crack of dawn?

This might be not such big of a deal during the week… but what’s worse than a cat that gets you up early on the weekend?

Is there anything you can do about the “alarm clock” cat?

Well, actually yes. You can indeed do something about the alarm clock cat, but first you have to understand why she wakes you up in the morning.

We have written an article to help our Petplace subscribers understand why cats wake us up in the morning and what we can do about it. Some of it is their nature, but some of it is training your cat.

To learn how to re-train your cat, I suggest that you read an article by Dr. Nick Dodman titled Thwarting the Alarm Clock Cat. Dr. Dodman outlines some excellent suggestions on how to prevent early awakenings:

To read this article go to: https://petplace.uat.petpartners.com/cats/thwarting-the-alarm-clock-cat/page1.aspx

I hope this helps,

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Dr. Debra