Why does my cat keep coming in heat?

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Dr. Debra,

I have a cat that is about 2-years-old and healthy and was coming in heat like every 2 weeks? Now she does not she has not been out and I am kind of baffled. It has been a month since her last heat but she acts fine, any ideas? Should I be worried? Is this normal?

Vicki Matusewic


Hi – thanks for your email. Cats are considered "induced" ovulators which means mating behavior is required to induce ovulating. Adult cats will repeat their cycles about every two to three weeks throughout the breeding season (mid-January to August) unless interrupted by pregnancy or illness.

So, unless your cat is "bred" she will probably continue coming in heat. So if you want to stop the cycle, get her spayed!

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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