Spinners 101: Why Does My Dog Spin

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It’s Potty Time

Does your dog spin before she goes to the bathroom? Some dogs do this to make sure that there aren’t any predators that are about to attack them while they’re vulnerable. Others might do this to get the intestines working before they assume an energy-intensive squat. If this describes your pet, consider yourself lucky. You’ll always have a warning before your dog messes up your neighbor’s yard.

She’s Feeling Anxious

Although spinning is normal for most dogs, some dogs do it because they’re anxious or have obsessive-compulsive tendencies. According to the Nest, pets can show frustration by performing repetitive behaviors. Some dogs walk in circles for no reason, ignoring you when you offer food or avoiding sleep. Some dogs can’t stop chasing their tails. Others exhibit other rhythmic actions, like licking their paws, snapping at invisible insects, lapping up too much water, or sucking on blankets.

Whether or not this is a new behavior, you could benefit from looking into your pet’s lifestyle. Did an animal companion recently pass away? Have you been spending more time away from your dog? Has she experienced another significant change? You might also consider having your dog examined for a medical condition.

Do All Dogs Spin?

Not all dogs have an instinct to spin. The sleep behavior of dogs varies. Some dogs simply collapse to the floor when they’re ready to rest. Others slide down in a series of yoga-like positions on the floor. Excited dogs can exhibit a wide variety of behaviors, and dogs have different ways of telling you that they have to go to the bathroom. Even though your dog is perfectly pampered in your house, she still has some wild instincts that haven’t disappeared. Although spinning can be a form of communication, it’s most likely instinctual. Your dog can’t help herself.


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