Choosing a German Wirehaired Pointer

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  • Polyartritis is a condition in which the immune system is stimulated to cause an inappropriate inflammatory response in one or usually multiple joints
  • Ruptured cranial cruciate ligament is a problem that results from tearing of the cruciate ligament in the knee, causing lameness that may be severe .
  • Entropion is a problem with the eyelid that causes inward rolling. Lashes on the edge of the eyelid irritate the surface of the eyeball and may lead to more serious problems.
  • Melanoma is a specific type of cancer that is often malignant.
  • Aortic stenosis is a disease caused by stenosis of the aortic valve that may cause symptoms such as weakness, collapse and sudden death.

    Life Span

    The average life span of the German shorthaired pointer is 12 to 14 years.

    We realize that each dog is unique and may display other characteristics. This profile provides generally accepted breed information only.

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