how do dog dna tests work

How Do Dog DNA Tests Work?

Dog DNA tests are becoming more popular among dog lovers. Not only will they provide you with information about your dog’s true heritage, they can also help dog lovers to provide better care for their dogs.

Have you wondered how dog DNA tests work? These tests compare a sample of your dog’s DNA to their breed database to determine your dog’s heritage. The bigger the database used for the test, the greater the accuracy and usually the higher the cost. There are a number of different dog DNA tests on the market with varying qualities of database information to determine your dog’s heritage. There is also a variety of price ranges for these tests ranging from about $69 up to $200. When choosing a dog DNA kit, you should make your selection based on the test’s accuracy, cost and the type of results you want to achieve.

Dog DNA kits can be purchased online or at many pet retail stores.

After you purchase your dog DNA kit, read the instructions carefully. Most dog DNA test kits will require you to wait a while after your dog’s last meal before testing.

When you’re ready to test, swab the inside of your dog’s cheek using the swab in the package. Then, package the swab in the container provided in your kit and use the postage paid envelope to mail your sample back to the company’s lab as soon as possible.

Dog DNA testing is very much like human DNA testing. The companies that sell these dog DNA tests maintain a database of breed-related genetic markers that they use when performing genetic testing. After receiving your dog’s DNA sample, they run it against these profiles. By determining which breed-specific markers are present in your dog’s DNA profile, they can give you an idea about the different breeds in your dog’s ancestry.

In a few weeks, you’ll receive the results of that testing by mail or email. The length of time you will have to wait for your results depends on the type of test you use. The more data you compare, the longer it will take to complete the test. Some dog DNA tests will deliver results in as little as two weeks while others may take up to seven weeks to process your results.

The results of your dog’s DNA test will vary based on the test kit that you use. All dog DNA tests provide breed identification, but the accuracy of that information will depend on the number of breeds in the tester’s database. The more breed information available for testing, the more accurate the results will be.

Some dog DNA tests screen for genetic health conditions. Some will identify how big your young dog will grow to be. Other tests may give you information about food and environmental sensitivities. Your dog DNA test may help you to better understand your dog’s traits and behaviors. Or they may test for stress, drug sensitivities or general health information.

All dog DNA tests do not work the same way. Some dog DNA kits work much better than others, depending on the accuracy of their breed database and their ability to screen for genetic diseases.

Remember that all dog DNA tests are not created equal. Some dog DNA tests will only identify your dog’s breed, while other tests give you more information, including a complete health risk profile.

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