How to Capture and Restrain a Dog

Capturing and Restraining Dogs

How to Capture and Restrain a Dog

Capturing a roaming injured dog can be difficult. Though injured, some can still run quite fast. Unfortunately, some dogs will run away and not be found. If you notice a collar, especially if there is a tag, remember to keep this with the animal. If the collar is broken and the animal is being transported to another location, take the collar and tag so someone can contact the owner.

How to Catch a Feral Injured Dog

For those dogs that try to get away from you but stay nearby, here are some suggestions on how to catch them and offer care:

After the Dog Is Captured/Restrained

The most important thing you need to do is place a muzzle on the mouth. Even your own sweet dog may bite if frightened or in severe pain. There are several methods to muzzle a dog. However, never muzzle an animal that is vomiting, having difficulty breathing or is coughing.

Muzzles can be purchased from pet stores or veterinary clinics in a variety of sizes. Having a muzzle to fit your own pet should be included in your pet first aid kit.

If you do not have a manufactured muzzle, you can make a temporary muzzle out of tape, nylon stocking, neckties, thick string, belts or strips of fabric.

For tape, fold the tape lengthwise so there are sticky edges.

How to Restrain a Dog

For dogs, there are two popular methods of restraint: the standing headlock, and restraint while lying down. Both of these methods are used to allow one person to hold the animal and another to administer treatment. If you are alone, these restraint techniques will not be too helpful and you may want to consider placing a muzzle and then transporting the dog to an animal shelter or veterinary clinic.

Standing Headlock

Lying Down Restraint

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