Pill Pouch Treats – Make Treats for Hiding Pills – Easy Recipe

How to Make Pill Pouches to Hide Your Dog’s Pills

Getting your dog to take his medicine is no easy feat. That’s why so many dog owners are looking for tips that can make the job a little easier.

You can give pills by the classic method – open your dog’s mouth, pop the pill into the back of his mouth and encouraging him to swallow. For detailed instructions, go to:How to Administer Pill Medication to Your Dog

You can also try hiding the pill. Some common methods include using a pill crusher or pill gun. For more information, go to: Pill Administration Methods in Dogs

In the mid-60’s, when Disney’s favorite nanny, Mary Poppins, told us that, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down,” she was on to something. The delightfully sweet taste of sugar helps mask the unpalatable taste of medicine, so children will accept it willingly.

The same principle holds true for dogs, although we don’t recommend using sugar. If your dog is reluctant to take his medicine, try hiding a pill in foods like cheese or cream cheese. For more tips, go to: How to Trick Your Dog into Taking A Pill

Here is another great-tasting solution – use a pill pouch. There are many brands of pill pouches on the market. You can get them at many veterinary offices and pet stores. Pill pouches are basically a soft pliable treat with an open “pouch or sac” that allows you to hide a pill in side. They come in different flavors, and when it comes to making your dog swallow a pill, they can really work wonders.

If you’d like, you can make your own homemade pill pouches. Here is a great recipe. Your dog will love the yummy taste of this “treat”. He’ll never know that there is medicine inside … he’ll only know that he wants more!

Here’s the recipe:

Pill Hiding Treats Recipe for Dogs – Homemade Liverwurst Pill Pouches



Treats will last about 7 to 10 days

These pill pouche treats are really simple to make. When it’s time for your dog to take his medicine, simply take a “dough” ball and hide the pill in the center. Then offer it to your dog like a treat.

I hope these tips and this recipe for pill pouches will help your dog take his pills!