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Recognizing a Dog Emergency : Who and When to Call

If you’re a typical pet owner, you have probably faced this quandary: Your beloved companion may be ill, but you don’t know whether you’re overreacting or whether you should bring her in to a veterinarian. And she can’t tell you if something is bothering her, or how serious it is.

When to Call About a Dog Emergency

The simplest way to determine if it is an emergency is if you are concerned, contact a veterinarian. The veterinary assistants and veterinarian can help you determine if an emergency visit is necessary or prudent.

Performing a brief at-home physical exam may also help you. If you see any abnormalities, consult your veterinarian. For mild symptoms, scheduling an examination may be enough. But you should be aware of the signs that require immediate care. These include:

You should have your veterinarian’s phone number and address handy in case of an emergency, along with his/her pager. You should also have the phone number, address and directions to the nearest veterinary emergency clinic.

If you cannot contact your veterinarian or he cannot help you, consult a local veterinary emergency clinic. If all else fails, look in your telephone book and try to find a veterinarian that is available to help.

Who Should I Call About a Dog Emergency?

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