What To Feed Your Brussels Griffon Puppy

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Speaking of your vet, they are going to be the best source of information when it comes to deciding on the right puppy food for your Brussels Griffon puppy. Each puppy is different, and different hereditary diseases or traits can cause a puppy to need more or less specific nutrients or support than others. Your vet will be more than happy to provide a few recommendations when it comes to choosing the right puppy food for your Brussels Griffon puppy. If you need a second opinion, you can always use sites like Pet Breeds to compare different puppy food formulas and brands.


When it comes time to switch your Brussels Griffon puppy from puppy food to an adult formula you will need to do it slowly. Most vets recommend switching your puppy to adult food once he has reached 80 to 90 percent of his anticipated adult weight. This typically happens around nine months of age. And bear in mind, you might not choose the right adult formula on the first try, so you may want to buy the smaller bags of your new food at first so that you don’t end up with wasted product. If you do decide to purchase a large bag right away, but your dog doesn’t end up liking it, some stores will let you return it, or you could always donate it to your local shelter.


Brussels Griffon Breed Profile Overview    

Here’s a brief overview of the Brussels Griffon, for more information, such as ideal vaccination schedules or potty training tips, visit our online archive of over 10,000 vet approved articles.



The Brussels Griffon originated in Brussels, Belgium. In the mid-1800s, it is thought that the pug, Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Irish terrier, English toy spaniel and other breeds were crossed to create what we know today as the Brussels Griffon.

Appearance and Size:

The Brussels griffon is a small, sturdy dog with a stout body. The most important characteristic of the breed is his almost human facial expression. This breed has a large head, compared to its body, and most notable looks just like an Ewok from the Star Wars films.


The Brussels Griffon has a lively spirit and a big heart. These dogs love their family but if not trained properly, can be moody. The Brussels Griffon is a dog that likes to be spoiled.


The Brussels Griffon is an intelligent dog and with patience and persistence, and with positive training can be taught a variety of tricks.


For more details on this breed, including info on home and family relations, specialized care, and common diseases and disorders visit our Brussels Griffon breed profile.



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