A beagle fetches a red ball in the park.

10 Toys to Take Fetch to the Next Level

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Dogs almost never get tired of fetch. Many will chase the same ball or stick for hours without losing an ounce of enthusiasm. However, it’s not nearly as exciting for pet parents as it is for pets. We humans quickly grow tired of standing in the same spot and tossing the same object. That’s not to mention stooping down to pick up balls or dealing with slobber.

Chewy’s online marketplace confirms that fetch isn’t what it used to be. They offer a range of toys that will take fetch to the next level and make playing more fun for dogs and dog lovers alike. Check out some of our favorites.

ChuckIt! Classic Launcher

This fun fetch toy can send balls three times farther than your arm alone. Better yet, the long-handle provides for hands-free pickup and low-strain throws. It’s even available in several colors.

Hyper Pet Kannon Mini K2 Dog Toy

Children and small dogs in particular will love this miniature tennis ball launcher. Pulling the trigger can send balls flying up to 75 feet and make for especially exciting games of fetch.

Petstages Orka Flyer

Here’s a disc for dogs who really love to chew. Made from thick, durable rubber, this fetch toy can withstand just about anything. Tough as it is, it’s still easy on your dog’s teeth.

Kong Airdog Football

Drop back to pass and toss this durable, squeaking football to your four-legged teammate. Kong uses a non-abrasive material to keep your dog’s teeth safe — even after hours of chewing.

JW Pet Whirlwheel

This squeaking fetch toy is tough enough to double as a chew toy and is infused with vanilla extract for a distinctive, irresistible taste. Is your dog teething? It may help distract them from your furniture.

Ruff Dawg Stick Fetch Toy

These rugged rubber “sticks” look just like the real thing. Better yet, they’re much easier on your dog’s teeth and gums than the sticks found in nature. Consider testing out these floating fetch toys while sitting around the pool this summer.

All Kind Toss & Play No Squeak Tri-Flyer

This squeaker-free toy is great for indoor or outdoor fetch. Its aerodynamic design helps it fly farther to keep your dog moving. Once they’ve fetched it, your dog will love the shape and texture.

Nerf Dog Classic Squeak Football

Here’s a backyard classic that’s a perfect fetch toy for any active, mid-sized dog. It’s made from water-resistant rubber for long games of fetch in any weather.

Frisco Fetch Rubber Flyer

Indoor and outdoor dogs both enjoy fetching this sturdy, high-flying disc. Frisco uses soft rubber that’s easy on your dog’s gums and teeth without sacrificing durability.

The Virtually Indestructible Ball

It’s right there in the name. This ball is a fetch toy that’ll survive even the most aggressive jaws. Available in multiple sizes and colors, it could be the last ball your dog ever needs.

Fetch Savings at Chewy

Helping your dog stay active is an important part of keeping them happy and healthy. Whether you’re headed to the park or just hanging out in the backyard, these toys should make it easy and fun to exercise with your dog. Browse Chewy’s pet care marketplace for even more options.

Content Sponsored by Chewy, Inc.