100 Ways to Spoil Your Dog

These are suggestions from out very loving PetPlace.com dog owners on how to pamper and spoil a special pooch. We hope you enjoy and find some of these tips useful.

By the way – our goal is to reach 100 with your help! Send us your suggestion.

1. Homemade Training Treats

I have been dog training for years. The most favorite training treat is-boil beef liver till done, cut in what ever size you like, spread the pieces on a baking sheet and sprinkle with garlic powder. Bake in oven 350 degrees Fahrenheit until slightly dry. Bake a lot and freeze usable portions in Baggies. My guys even like them froze.

2. A Little Drive Though

Hello my name is Lia Ponte. Some creative ways I have come up with to make my little 10 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi happy is, every Sunday morning I take her with me to Burger King where I get my coffee-she meets and greets everyone at the window then we go back home takr our Sunday morning walk together. Afterwards, she has her breakfast and we take a trip to Petco! where she does more of here meet and greet-she is so young but already has adapted to a routine and is very socialized.-her name is Duchess.

3. Lots of Walks and Rubs

I make my dog, Teo, happy by taking him on lots of walks, when he is
sleeping I make sure that I have contact with so Teo know that I`m there and that he doesn`t feel alone, ( I builds a strong bond between owner and dog) and I another thing I do to make him happy is by giving him lots of attention and belly/ chest rubs.


4. A Little Back Scrachin'

My peekapoo loves sitting on my lap in the evening and have his back
scratched. This seems to make him happy and satisfied. When he's ready to get down and chew his bone, he does.

I also bought him a soft plush dog his size to play with, as he does
like other dogs and playing with them when at the sitters.

Sherry H.

5. I talk to My Dog

Every night before bed just like you would with your kids I talk with my dog. I call her and tell her it is mommy and me time I know she laughs when I talk silly to her. I talk about when she was a puppy and the things we would do. I have a handicap son who is now 22 and if he is sad she will sit by him and lick his tears. Sometimes she comes and gets me and we put music on my son loves music and of course I dance silly and I know she is laughing not panting. I'm a happy person in general and I think the enviroment you create and the way you are is learned behavior for humans and animals. My motto is you have 2 choices in life you can be happy or sad, I choose happy life is to short.

Appreciate each day Life is good.


6. A Daily Hug

My dog is very happy because each and every morning when he gets up he gets a big hug from me and then I lay him on the bed on his back and he gets a message of his shoulders, lets and tummy of course and then he rolls over and I massage his back and neck. I do this every morning and then he gets a big hug and he hugs me back. I know this because he will get his face in as close as he can to my face and just rub his face against mine. That is his way of saying thank you and I love you each and every morning. I love doing this because I love the hug I get in return. It makes my day as much as it makes his. I know my dog is happy because he shows it to me with a hug and many other ways. By the way, My dog is a cavalier king charles spaniel named hunter and he is a purebreed, akc reg and will be 2 in august. This is hunter below, what's not to love.

Hunters Mommy, Michelle Clark from NH.

7. A Car Ride

My dog biscuit seems to almost start grinning when I suggest we go for a ride in the car.

DMH, Upstate New York

8. Rebuild Walls

We have Cairn terriers and built dry stack rock walls about 12 inches tall around some raised garden beds. The dogs love to dig, sometimes displacing the stones, sometimes dispatching an critter with a vigorous shake. They come in dirty and completely satisfied. We rebuild the walls and it's game on the next day.
Giving dogs the freedom to do what they are genetically hard-wired to do is absolute bliss for them.

Not yard proud in Ohio,

Cheryl and Toto 2

9. Teaching Your Dog to Communicate

Teaching your dog to communicate with you makes your dog happy. My dog brings me her kong when she's hungry so I know that is what she wants and not anything else. I acknowledge her even if I'm not going to give her anything. It's really funny to watch her throw it down in disgust when I tell her "no more food!" The same thing with standing by the door. I acknowledge that I know she wants to go out, even if I'm not going to let her out. When she is outside and looks at me when spotting a squirrel, I know that means she is asking if it's okay to chase the squirrel. I believe all this communication is why my dog is happy. – Carol Bauman

10. Hold Him Like a Child

My son is named Sammy and when I come home from work I ask him for some
love and he stands up so I can pick him up and hold him on my hip just as
you would a small child then we cuddle and he goes his way until I fix
dinner then he comes in and gives me more love ! Who could ask for more.

Bonnie H ., Millsboro De

11. Sing to Your Dog

I sing to my dogs when I am spending time with them. Often when I am grooming, scratching ears etc. I make up songs as I go along, using their name, terms of endearment, etc. They seem to find it calming and they pay attention. They are the only ones in my family who appreciate my singing!

Sheila – Wayland, Ma

12. Lots of Love and Snuggles

I pamper my bostons Baxter and Queeni in so many ways it would be
impossible to list them all.

1. They know they are wanted and loved all the time, especially when we
go to bed and they snuggle all the way under the covers. But I also tell
them they are the most handsome boy, and prettiest girl all the time.

2. "What do I have for you?" is a phrase they know means that mummy has
brought home a new toy for them…this happens often as they usually
shred them to bits within the first hour.

3. "Are we gonna go for a ride?" causes an uproar of excitement because
that means I am taking them to a family member or friends house where
they are not only welcomed but requested, and they will be loved and
hugged and all the attention will be theirs.

My dogs are my children and my family treats them as just that…favorite
grandkids if you will.


13. Individual Attention in a multi-dog home

We have 4 precious canines in our home, and I make certain to give them each some of my undivided attention every day. They are all uniquely different in what they like best. First there is Misha our 8 year old malamute, who would rather give love then to receive it. Then, there is Angel our 2 1/2 year old cockapoo, she loves to snuggle under the covers with me at night. Next, is Sammy, our 1 1/2 year old cocker spaniel, he loves to eat, so a real treat for him is a doggy biscuit and some belly scratching. And last, is our 5 month old cockapoo puppy Captain Jack. He is the offspring of Sammy and Angel, loves to be held and cuddled, and is the best little kisser ever! I would love to send some photos of them, but not sure how?

Karen Mays
Belding, MI

14. Morning Treats

Dr Debra, here is the way my dogs are. They have come to EXPECT their treats every morning! (Also my cat is the same) They will sit in the kitchen by the container their treats are in and wait until they get them too. Doesn't matter what I am doing or how long it takes they will wait. Once they each have their 2 treats they will go off on their way and are content.

Thanks for your wonderful articles you put on the internet. I feel really blessed by all the info you put out. God Bless you and yours.

Sincerely, Margo

15. Pork Nect Bone Treats

I buy pork neck bones for my two babies (lab mix and another all mixed up,
don't know what she is dog) every time I go grocery shopping which is every two weeks come home and bake them ,while theirs is cooking I prepare something for us humans and then we all have dinner together, they have come to expect this, they know when we bring in grocery bags of food they seem to sit back and watch as everything is put away and food is cooking they know whats in the little toaster oven is theirs and when it's done baking , I open the door to allow it to cool down they get excited, and will stand and smell the air .

Patti Smith

16. Trips to the Doggie Park

I also make two trips to our local doggie park every day, as we are so blessed to live close to the Way-side Waifs Humane Shelter in Grandveiw Mo , they have built a ten foot tall fence around 5 acres of land , it is so beautiful there. It allows me to get my exercise along with them as we walk thru the park together, they are free to run their little hearts desire and play with the other dogs that are there with there humans. We have a blast, if we miss a visit due to the weather , well I have to make it up to them by giving them an extra visit on another day. I love
all animals but especially these two , they are truly this woman's best friend.

Patti Smith

17. Bone-popsicles

We have two wonderful (but chew-happy) dogs. To make them happy and keep their teeth nice and clean, we get beef soup bones from the butcher and roast them for about 20 minutes on a foil-lined sheet pan in a 350 degree oven, which kills bacteria on the outside and renders off a lot of the fat.

After cooling entirely, we freeze them in zip-lock bags and dole them out when we leave in the morning. The pups love them! Bone- popsicles in the morning end up licked-clean by the end of the night.

Allison Simpson

18. Lots of Snuggles

We have a 3-year-old Schnauzer, Fritz. He is more like a little boy than A dog. He sleeps in our bedroom with us on his own little bed. When we get home from work, he wants to get up in our laps and give us kisses. I pick him up and hold him like a baby and we "snuggle puppy" while I rub the insides of his back legs. He just LOVES that! His little tail is always wagging and we know he is a happy puppy! He likes being with us no matter where we are. I call him my little "velcro dog". We love him to pieces.

I have sent you a picture a few weeks ago, of him sitting in a lawn chair In our yard with the rhododendron bush in the background, entitled "Enjoying A Sunny Day". I have not seen it in your slides of pictures. We live in upstate New York.

Joyce Blauvelt

19. Pool Games

I have an 18-month-old border collie, Lula Belle, and live in a suburb of Houston. We office out of our home, so she is with us all day and we take her in the car as much as possible when business draws us away. Our backyard is full of pool without much romping room, so I came up with a game to keep her entertained. I get in the middle of the pool and throw the frisbee. Lula does a "victory" run when she makes a good catch and runs laps around me through the landscaping while I clap and praise her. When she gets hot and tired she just steps in the pool onto the tanning shelf and cools off with me. This has been a great way to help her release some of that energy in the Houston heat this summer. She actually comes and "gets" me when it's pool time!

Judy Key

20. Make a Hot Pad

Winter is coming on. Make your dog a hot pad. Use 100% cotton. Cut 3 circles (plate size) of cotton muslin with an elephant trunk sleeve and 1 circle of cotton battening. Layer these 2 muslin, 1 layer battening, 1 layer of cotton. The battening serves as the less warm side. Sew the rim and the sleeve like a vase shape. Turn inside out (or not) and funnel cheap rice into the muslin/muslin section; tie a knot in the sleeve. Ta Dah! Microwave for 99 seconds. How delightful to crawl into a warm bed. To wash, untie the sleeve, pour out the rice, wash the fabric, refill. If you do not have a sewing machine, barter with your neighbor–mow the lawn 3 times. Or … 4, if you want one for yourself. Oh, happy day!

Stonestone in OKC

21. Puppy Pool Cool Down

I would like to include what I do to make my 22-month-old Rottweiler happy. On hot summer days or after a long walk, I'll fill up his puppy pool for him. He will spend hours in the water. Not only does it cool him off but it gives both of us hours of fun as I love watching him play and splash and run around the backyard and the dive back in the pool.

Nancy Holden
London Ontario Canada

22. Icey Treats

MY Aussie loves her Iceys. In warm to Hot weather I put a few treats in a cool whip topping bowl, fill about 2/3 full of water and freeze…She loves the cold icey treat & it helps her cool off.

She also enjoys having a burger or chicken breast grilled just for her & always gets excited when she sees something from the grill go on her special doggie plate.

WE also have McDoggies, my office window is on our porch, her Igloo is under that window, so in good weather she peeks in the window and orders a milk bone.

Her favorite thing really is just to sit, talk and be brushed or petted. However at just over 1 year old, that soon leads to play time.

Debbi Bates

23. Individual & Group Attention

I have three wonderful, joyful dachshunds, a momma, a poppa, and their 9 month old son. Due to dachshunds' nature, they do have a bit of jealous rivalry for my attention and love, though they all share great love and affection among themselves. My approach is a balance of individual attention and group attention. I love handling them all and hold each one individually and whisper in their ears what wonderful dogs they are. At other times I look right into their eyes and talk to them as they lovingly gaze back at me. When walking through the house or going outside with them, I spontaneously pet and scratch them, always accompanied with loving words. They all sleep with me during naps on the couch and at night time, and they let me know when it is time to go to bed at night time. They've had regular socialization with other humans since they were puppies and always display love for visitors. Doxies are a unique breed in the love and afftection, giving and receiving category and I am always a part of it!

Bob Davis – Orlando, Florida

24. Get Down…to Play

My corgi, Owen, and I have many ways to enjoy each other but his favorite is when I get down on the floor to play. It always amazes me how much this delights him.

S. R. Beardsley

25. Allow them to Pull

They're Huskies, 2 are Siberians and the 3rd is an Alaskan. They are trained to pull. Anything!! I don't race, it's just for everyone's enjoyment. I have a dog scooter, a dog sled, a huge oaken wagon that I built for them, complete with shafts and traces. When it's too hot to pull, they get bored, so I load them into the dog truck and take them for a ride, often to a nearby lake for a swim and vanilla baby cones afterwards. We also have back packs for all 3, and we put canned goods in the packs for a bit of weight, and go hiking, often to a creek, down the bank and into the creek, then walk up the creek 1/4 mile or so and back down again. Huskies need jobs, and they love their assignments. They get so excited when the harnesses or packs come out. They scream "Take me! Oh, please! Take me!" and spin around in circles.
We live in Oneida, NY, in Central NY State, where we enjoy all kinds of weather, so the dogs get to do a variety of exercises and adventures.

26. Trampoline

I have two black labs and a husky mix, and boy do they have energy! What makes my dogs happy is when my 10 year old daughter and 13 year old son, and three dogs all get on the trampoline. My kids jump as high as they can, and the dogs, well lets just say, they are as happy as can be when all four paws are up in the air! It is a sight to see. There are lots of giggles and wagging tails!

Melissa Scott
Hopkinton, NH

27. Talk, Walk & Play

Both of them do get to sleep with me the nights my husband works at night and sometimes when my husband is at home. Chi Chi is a mixed Shih Tzu/Pekenese and Rudy is an American Pit Bull Terrier. They also like to be talked to, take a walk and have "play" time and oh, those treats!! Chi Chi will be thirteen years old in November and Rudy will be 8 years old on February 14th, 2009.

Michal Leamer

28. Beach Time

My puppy Lily loves going to the beach and she hates having baths, so to mix the good in with the bad, I let her go to the beach on bath days and she gets all dirty and covered in seaweed and sand (and she wears herself out) before bath time. Here is a picture of Lily post beach/bath day!

Vancouver BC, Canada

29. Belly Rubs

My Daisy, a Jack Russell Terrier loves to have her belly rubbed. She will lay on the floor and makes funny noises. I tell her I'm going to get her and she jumps up on the couch or bed and rolls over on her back. I rub her belly and sing to her. She is very content and could lay that way as long as I rub.

This makes her happy and it makes me happy as I know I am doing something to please her. We think she was abused before I got her so anything I can do to please her pleases me also.


30. We Talk

I have two Shia Tsus and I do different things that make them happy.
One likes to "talk" to me while relaxing on his pillow, and I answer him in a silly tone. We carry on a 5 minute conversation even though neither of us know what is being said by the other, but he loves it. The other one gets very happy when I rub his belly with my foot or say "Who wants to brush"?

Phyllis Lusk

31. Hide and Seek Treats

I have two Great Danes, one is deaf. I'm a work at home "mom" (no children except my dogs) but occasionally have to go out for errands. Before I leave, I try to do it without them seeing me, but I take several small dog cookies and leave them in places that I know they will be while I'm gone. I'll lay one beside each of their dog dishes, one on each of their beds, a couple on the living room floor and a couple on several windowsills because I know my deaf Dane travels from window to window watching for me to come back.

Always, when I come home, the treats are all gone. They find them all.

Another thing that I've done since one of Danes has been young is, I always get her a treat at the grocery store. As soon as I come in, I make them sit down and wait until I get all the grocery bags inside and set them on the floor. They both stick their noses just inside the bags and it never fails, they always find the bag with their "sealed" treats inside! It amazes me each time they do it.

Teresa Clark

32. A Cat Friend

his best friend is a cat. Who would have known that a 14-pound, 13-year
old terrier wanted me to take in a kitten?

Patricia Siegelman

33. Stroke Him Until He Falls Asleep

My 8 year old yellow Lab "Bailey" is quite frankly my "Son" he is the best thing since sliced bread! Bailey loves me to stroke him on his chest until he almost falls over asleep. I quess he cant reach between his front legs to get at that little itch, he rolls his eyes and grunts with delight! I cant imagine life without him, he was a rescue dog at 10 months and now my constant companion. Regards Sandy

Sandy Higgs

34. Run Errands with Me

I make my dogs happy in little ways. They love to go along with me, and they don't care where I'm going, so I take them in the car as often as I can, even if I am just going on a short errand. And they LOVE cheese, so I give them cheese as a special treat when they come inside after doing "their business."

Montoursville, PA

35. River Walks

We take our Cocker Spaniel puppy to the, "River Walk," here in Wabash, Indiana. She knows what we mean when we ask her if she wants to go to the River walk. She runs to the door and puts her nose on the door until we open it. She loves to check out all the scents along the trail. She knows the routine by heart and will run to the deck overlooking the Wabash River. When we return to the van, she jumps in her kennel and waits for a drink of cold water before we head home. This picture was taken of Maggie on the deck at the river.


36. Seepy Treats

My husband and I are completely ridiculous when it comes to our kids Huxley & Penelope – a pair of West Highland Terriers. Bed time is a big deal at our house. Every night when it's time to turn in someone will ask, "Who wants a seepy treat?" Ears perk up, tails wag and a scurry ensues. As we turn the lights off and fetch the treats from the jar, they rush up the stairs and wait right at the top. Upon our
arrival, they each get a little "seepy treat" which they dance around with before they chew them up. Then we all climb into bed together. Penelope does her best imitation of a hat and curls herself around my head. Huxley crawls into the crook of Daddy Doggy's (my husband) knees. Everybody then gets some good pets and ear scratches till we all nod off. The alarm is set to allow for cuddle time, so every morning starts happy, complete with snuggles, scratches and tummy rubs. Dogs are creatures of habit, so having small little routines or rituals can make such a difference for them. With busy lives and jobs and all that we humans have going on, giving them a moment every day, something they know is just for them, can mean so much. Maybe bedtime isn't right for everyone, but giving them something to look forward to and feel special is the best way I know to make anyone, dog, cat, human, etc. feel loved.

Shauna Earp

37. Sprinklers

I am the proud owner of three (3) cattle dogs. To make them happy we turn on the sprinklers outside and throw their balls and frisbees through the sprinklers like little kids running through the sprinklers. It keeps them cool and they actually like getting wet. They are also big fans of plain yogurt, carrots large enough to chew on like bones. Are they spoiled, down right!!

Joyce Nokes

38. Exercise For Both of Us

He gets to go to various places for his exercise. My dog is a Dalmatian and I acquired him because having a dog is the best reason one should exercise. It would be awfully boring if I just put on my sneakers and jogged out alone. I wouldn't do it if I felt lazy. But when dog sends me that LOOK — and I know he wants a change of scenery. We walk around the neighborhood, go to parks for variety, to malls, to the neighborhood of my friends, or out to the countryside. I think it's a walkabout that can win a dog's heart — fast. Once we had a house guest who was fond of dogs and I had a Japanese Spitz elusive to his calls for friendship. I told him to take her for a walk. The following morning, I leashed the Spitz and handed him the dog and they walked around the neighborhood. The next day, the Spitz approached my house guest in anticipation for another walk. They became friends!

Betty Samson
Manila, Philippines

39. A View

Our pups always have access to see outside, especially the front window. We have a bench and a soft cushion so they can look out in comfort and get the heat of the sun, we have central A.C. and they are Chihuahuas, so they enjoy that. It makes them aware of who is coming and going and I feel they like that, guarding their home. Having patio doors is also nice, since they are short. We have a lot of wildlife here so they get to see critters all the time walking by. So let your pooches and kitties enjoy the outside while in.

Joann Zboyan

40. Massage And a Song

Everyday, I sit her on my lap and sing to her while I massage her. Her name is Tallulah and I make up a little song as I go along. I'll sing something like "Oh, my little Miss Tallulah, how I love my Tallulah, how you're my joy, mommy's little jewel, my little girlie girl". She just loves it and stretches her little head back to look at me and snaps her little mouth as if to say "I love you". It may seem silly but it works – she and I have a huge connection.

Xiomara Shapiro

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