15 Random Puppy Facts

If dogs are man’s best friend, then puppies are the cutest and most adorable best friend possible. There’s a lot to love about puppies. From their affectionate little eyes, to their soft and fluffy fur, raising a puppy is a wonderful experience filled with memorable moments.

When you bring a puppy into your home, you begin a journey that will bond you and your puppy for life. During that journey, there’s a lot to learn. You learn about your puppy’s health, training and obedience, and a great number of behavioral lessons as your and your puppy become friends over time.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about puppies because you’re considering bringing one home, or if you’re simply searching to broaden your puppy knowledge to become a trivia star, here are 20 random puppy facts that you might not know.

1. The First Mammal to Orbit Earth Was a Dog

A stray Russian dog named Laika was the first mammal to orbit the Earth in 1957. Unfortunately, Laika did not survive the trip to outer space, but she is remembered today as a hero. There is a statue honoring her in Star City, Russia.

2. 30% of Dalmations are Deaf in One Ear

Dalmatians have an irregularly high likelihood of being born deaf. 30% of dalmatians are deaf in at least one ear.

3. A Basenji Doesn’t Bark, They Yodel!

The adorable basenji is a unique breed of dog, as they don’t actually bark. Instead, they yodel!

4. Dogs Hearing is Four Times Better Than Humans

Due to having more muscles within their ears, dogs are able to hear four times as well as humans do. Superior hearing is a trait that leads dogs to becoming outstanding guardians.

5. Dogs Have Three Eyelids

Have you ever noticed that when your dog sleeps it looks like their eyes are rolling back into their heads? That’s their third eyelid, which is an extra membrane layer to provide additional protection.

6. The Nitrogen in Your Dog’s Urine is What Kills Grass

The yards of dog owners are often spotted with dead spots in the grass. That’s because dog urine has nitrogen in it, which kills grass.

7. Urine is Dog ID

Apologies for back to back urine-related facts, but your dog’s urine is akin to our IDs and driver’s licenses. The scent of your dog’s urine informs other dogs of their sex, age, size, and even mood. If our IDs had our mood on them, it’s safe to say most would be registered as cranky. Is there a more frustrating place to be than the DMV?

8. Dogs Smell 1000 Times Better Than Humans

Impressed that dogs hear 4 times better than us? That’s nothing compared to the superior sense of smell that dogs have. How something smells dictates quite a bit for dogs. Everything from taste, comfort, and communication is dictated by their powerful sense of smell.

9. Dogs Can Detect Seizures

There’s lots of different types of service dogs, but one of the more impressive types are dogs that assist people with epilepsy by detecting seizures.

10. Greyhounds Can Run up to 45 MPH

Greyhounds are the fastest breed of canine, as they have been bred and trained for racing for centuries. Reaching top speeds of 45 MPH, greyhounds run 17 MPH faster than the fastest human.

11. Baboons Keep Dogs in the Wild

That’s right, baboons love dogs too. Baboons have been observed to keep dogs for protection in the wild. However, it is not a common practice, as the two don’t always live in the same areas. In East Africa, Gelada Monkey and African Wolves have also been so cohabitating.

12. The Oldest Dog Lived to Age 29

The average lifespan of a dog will vary based on the breed of dog, but most dogs live between 10-13 years. Tipping that number is Bluey, the Australian Cattle Dog who lived to the ripe old age of 29 years old.

13. Dogs Dream Too

You may have noticed your dog twitching and having sudden movements while they sleep. That’s because they’re dreaming!

14. Dogs Have 42 Teeth

While the adult human mouth has 32 teeth, the adult dog has a impressive 42 chompers.

15. Humans and Dogs Have Been Pals for 14,000 Years

While there’s some disagreement on whether wolves were first domesticated by humans or vice versa, we do know that dogs and humans have lived together for at least 14,000 years.

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