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2014 – When will the Big Moon Days Affect your Dog or Cat?

Are you familiar with the Big Moon Dates and how it affects pets? When are they?

If you are interested in how the Big Moon Days Affects Dogs and Cats – go to: How Does the Moon Affect Your Pet: Lunar Phases and Animals.

The Big Moon by Month

Month Full Moon New Moon Eclipse
January 16 1, 30
February 14 None
March 16 1
April 15 29 Lunar,15,Solar, 29
May 14 28
June 13 27
July 12 26
August 10 25
September 9 24
October 8 23 Lunar,8, Solar, 23
November 6 22
December 6 22

Note: These dates are based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

2014 Mercury Retrograde Dates

Welcome to a sometimes pesky three-week span of time when Mercury (the planet of communication) seems to be backwards in motion. The effect can create delays, wayward cats and dogs, mishaps, and misunderstandings with your animals. Plan ahead–to help avoid problems for you and your pets.

February 6- 28
June 7- July 1
October 4- October 25