A dog sniffs a cup of coffee.

8 Dogs Who Need a Coffee as Badly as We Do

Between the pandemic, the election cycle, and the start of the holiday season, many of us are running on fumes. Fortunately, we’re not alone. Even pets are starting to feel drained.

These 8 dogs could use a cup of coffee just as much as their humans.

1. @mmthepug

Mister Meatloaf the Pug agrees that sometimes one cup (or two, or three) just isn’t enough.

2. @charliethehotdiggitydog

This pup is enjoying the autumn spirit with a hot mug of seasonal Joe.

3. @thewildoliver

Oliver is feeling the buzz after a quick sip of his favorite breakfast drink.

4. @happydoghugo

Weekdays are no match for Hugo, who still finds time to relax on the couch with a cup of coffee.

5. @lozdoodz

Ollie is treating himself this morning with a fancy, whipped coffee.

6. @puppynamedcharlie

These New York pups look cozy with their matching sweaters and matching beverages.

7. @marzipanthefrenchie

Marzipan knows that nothing improves a ruff day like a steaming cup of java.

8. @lifeof_by

Byron’s just a puppy, but he’s already certain that there’s no substitute for a morning coffee.

A Quick Word of Caution

Remember that pets are much more sensitive to caffeine than we are. While they’ll definitely look cute posing with a mug, make sure your pup doesn’t actually help themselves to your morning coffee or tea.