Adopt-A-dog Month®

October was Adopt-A-dog Month®! Sponsored by American Humane, this yearly celebration is held to shine a spotlight on all of the deserving shelter dogs awaiting a home in the animal shelters across the U.S. American Humane started Adopt-A-dog Month® in October of 1981 as an annual event to encourage people to enrich their lives by bringing home a new pet.

The American Humane website lists out four ways in which people can celebrate the month-long holiday.

10 Articles To Help You Adopt A Dog

Here are 10 articles that will help make your adopting process much easier. Afterall, there’s a lot to consider when thinking about bringing home a new furry family member. In the winter months, this is extremely important due to the winter holidays. It might be tempting to bring home a new puppy, but do you have a plan in place to care for that puppy over the holidays? If you’re going to bring home an older dog what’s your plan for introducing it to the rest of your family over the holidays?

10 Important Topics to Discuss Before Getting a Dog

To raise a well-trained dog, you need a great plan. The best ones include communicating with everyone in your family about the basic expectations you have of your dog, the goals you hope to achieve, and the strategies you’re ready to use to get there. In short, you need to talk honestly and openly about what to expect from your dog and how you are going to train them – all before you get your dog.

Five Important (And Commonly Overlooked) Decisions Before Buying Puppies

Puppies are so cute and cuddly that choosing your newest family member can be a huge decision. Puppy health, naming your puppy, and training your puppy are some key aspects in your new canine, but this article is designed to give you the five most important decisions you should make before buying your puppy.

Bringing Home an Adult Dog

So, you want to get a dog. Puppies are cute, but you hesitate to bring one home because you know they can nip at your time and attention. You may be a candidate for a mellow dog, well past puppyhood, who can ease into your lifestyle with relatively little hassle. Maybe you should adopt an adult dog?

Picking the Right Dog Breed For You

Are you looking for the right dog for you? Some dog lovers want a dog that is a great solo pet, outdoor dog, watchdog, or a dog that’s good for people with allergies. We have the ultimate guide to the perfect dog for your family.

How to Select the Right Family Dog

There are a lot of things to consider before purchasing your next family pet. If you have a child, chances are you either have a dog, or at some point, you will be asked to get one. Caring for a dog can be beneficial to a child; enhancing self-esteem, instilling a sense of responsibility, and teaching empathy towards another creature. Selecting the right dog for your family is an important decision. What breed is best for your family?

Dog Breeds Good with Children

Pets are part of the family, and the best dog breeds that are good with children are ones that are patient, gentle, easily trained, and affectionate. When looking for the best dog for families with kids, you’ll want to look for certain canine traits. The following list includes dogs that are able to handle the excitement, stress, and love of growing up around young humans. With the right preparation, you can pick a great dog to add to your family and life.

Timing Is Everything — When Not to Get a Dog

If you’re thinking of bringing home a dog, timing is everything. After all, your new-found companion will look to you for a lifetime commitment of love and security. Assess your family and financial situation, the season, and special circumstances – and don’t be discouraged. If you’re thoughtful and realistically while assessing your situation, you may still find time to care for and enjoy a pet.