Allie, a Mixed Breed Plays Match Maker

Sometimes dogs bring more than their own loving companionship into our lives. Today the best place to meet the love of your life might very well be the dog park. After all, what better way to break the ice than an introduction to your adorable floppy-eared grinning best friend? Your dog may very well be an example of all the best things about you!

I just read a fabulous story that was almost had a heart-breaking ending, but instead became a canine matchmaking love story.

When Jeff rescued a mixed breed dog from the local animal shelter, he knew he was getting a best friend, but didn’t know that “Allie” would introduce him to his future wife.

Allie went for an unexpected run on a cool inspiring December day and disappeared. Jeff was distraught over the loss of what he was certain was the perfect dog and companion. He searched for two days and put up flyers to no avail. When Nikki, a friend of a friend offered to help look, Jeff accepted even though he had never met her before.

With Nikki’s help, Jeff was at last able to discover that Allie had been picked up by a veterinarian that had witnessed her being hit by a car. Not only was Nikki instrumental in finding Allie, but she also helped Jeff by loaning him the money for the two surgeries and metal pin that was placed in the wounded dog’s hip. Jeff knew that he had met a true kindred spirit.

Jeff says that he has since paid back the monetary debt to his wife, but learned a valuable lesson about caring for beloved canines.

Jeff wants to remind everyone that dogs run away for unexpected reasons sometimes and that you should take all the precautions that such a beloved animal deserves.

Don’t forget to license your dogs, microchip them, always have a collar with your information and keep them on a leash in potentially unsafe environments. After all, your dog doesn’t have to run away to introduce you to your future spouse. You might bump into them at the dog park or at your local pet store!