Answers to Dalmatian IQ Test

If you took our Dalmatian IQ Test, here are the answers. If you didn't take the test, click the link at the right entitled "Check Your Dalmatian IQ."

1. (B) is descended from coaching dogs, bred to run alongside horses for hours at a time

2. (C) in the era when firetrucks were pulled by horses, the dogs ran in front to clear a path; while firefighters battled the blaze, they stayed on the sidelines, calming nervous horses

3. (A) deafness

4. (A) aggression

5. (B) all year long

6. (C) Cruella De Vil

7. (A) check with a rescue organization or reputable breeder

8. (C) an active single who likes biking, hiking, jogging and in-line skating

9. (B) the area of the Austro-Hungarian empire where the breed once served as guard dogs

10. (A) get bored and destructive