A Bulldog enjoys a barkuterie board.

Entertain with a Barkuterie Board

There’s no tastier or more picturesque way to entertain friends and family than with a charcuterie board. These colorful assortments of meats, cheeses, fruits, and other accoutrement can feed a crowd and always make a statement.

Some pet lovers are letting dogs get in on the fun with “barkuterie” boards of their own. In addition to the requisite fruits and veggies, these pup-safe appetizers feature biscuits, jerky strips, and other snacks that were specially concocted for the canine palate.

Let’s Make a Barkuterie Board

Serve up some tasty treats to your four-legged guests and feel free to customize the selection based on your dog’s preferences.




Foods to Avoid

Barkuterie boards are an opportunity to get creative and try out new tastes, but make sure to avoid these dangerous ingredients:

Remember that even dog-safe table foods should never account for a large portion of your pet’s daily caloric intake. Try to avoid letting treats (even ones with vitamins and minerals) make up more than 10% of what they eat.