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The Best Podcasts for a New Puppy Owner

Are you ready to bring home a new puppy? Or maybe you’ve already brought home a new puppy and you’re looking for some helpful tips and tricks. One of the easiest ways to learn is through podcasts! People listen to podcasts every day; from pieces about unsolved mysteries to comedic performances, there’s a podcast for everyone. Even new puppy owners!

It’s a Doggy Dog World

It truly is a doggy dog world out there, so grab a fluffy friend and settle in for a podcast about all things dog. Spanning big dogs, small dogs, purebred dogs, designer dogs, and mixed breeds, the It’s a Doggy Dog World podcast covers everything from finding the perfect pet to coping with the loss of your furry best friend.

The show is hosted by Liz Palika, Petra Burke, and Kate Abbott, three experienced dog trainers based in California. These three ladies cover not only training and serious matters like medical concerns, but they also help owners discover new ways to enjoy their canine companions. Have you ever heard of fly ball? You can learn more about it on the It’s a Doggy Dog World podcast.

The Dog Trainer: Quick and Dirty Tips

The Dog Trainer: Quick and Dirty Tips is a great podcast to start your day or keep you company on your walk to grab lunch. These tips really are quick, each episode is somewhere between six to eight minutes long, and they cover everything from how to teach your puppy good table manners to how to stop excessive barking in adult dogs.

The Dog Trainer: Quick and Dirty Tips is hosted by Jolanta Benal, an experienced dog trainer. Benal makes her lessons fun and easy to understand with a quirky way of delivering her teachings. Whether you’re bringing home your first puppy or you want to teach your old dog some new tricks, this podcast is the one for you. ‘

Discover Your Dog

If you’ve ever wondered why your dog does the things he does, then the Discover Your Dog podcast is for you. This podcast focuses on communication between humans and their pets and teaches the listener how to truly listen to their dog. Not only will you learn how to understand your dog, but you will also gain a deeper understanding of what you communicate to your dog.

One of the most unique aspects of this podcast is that one of the co-hosts doesn’t own a dog! This frequently prompts lively back and forth discussion and helps to give a wider perspective when it comes to training and dog ownership. Listen as co-hosts Bennie Copeland and Devin Best reveal what your dog is really thinking and how you can connect more than ever before.

Ask Your Dog Guru

One of the best parts about the Ask Your Dog Guru podcast is that the host only answers questions submitted by the listeners! The dog guru in question, Victoria, is both an experienced dog trainer and behavior modification specialist. Victoria only answers listener questions, meaning that she spends the podcast talking about concerns that are important to her listeners. You’ll love hearing answers to some of today’s most popular pet questions on everything from food guarding to potty training.

Canine Master

Canine Master with Chris Onthank can be unpredictable in that there isn’t a very consistent posting schedule, but with a bank of already published podcasts, you’ll be able to binge the existing episodes no problem. Chris Onthank, the Canine Master, is a self-proclaimed “advocate of everything to do with dogs.” Canine Master is a great show to listen to for tips on all aspects of all things dog. Chris excels at delivering in-depth answers to your toughest questions, and he’ll even answer some questions you didn’t know you had.

Another Pet Life Radio podcast, this show is great for pet owners brand new to the game or well versed in all things puppy. Teach your old dog some new tricks or prep for a new puppy with the Canine Master.

Find The Info You Need with PetPlace

Do you have a favorite doggy podcast? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below! From It’s a Doggy Dog World to Canine Master, we’re all so lucky to have such wonderful podcasts available for all of our puppy-needs. Most of these show can be found wherever you listen to podcasts, including Google Play, Spotify, or Stitcher. There are many other podcasts we could have added to our favorites list, but we’ll save those for another day. From puppy care to pet behavior and training, we’ve got all of your puppy-centric questions covered here on PetPlace.