Birthday Parties for Dogs

If you're a pet crazy party animal you might be thinking about letting your next party go to the dogs. Why not? There's no better time to celebrate than the day your best friend came into the world. So find few other party animals to have a wild time. Here are some tips and ideas to get you started.

Event planner Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, who wrote "Dog Parties: Entertaining Your Party Animals," offers up a myriad of fabulous ideas for canine fun. You may want to start with her book or just start surfing the web. All the party favors and extras you need can all be found on the Internet. Check out sites like for decorations, cakes and gift bags.

Start with a fun invitation. You can make your own or purchase party invitations with a canine flair. Maybe sign them with your dog's paw print. Be sure to invite all your friends with friendly pooches for an afternoon in your garden. Request their attire be their favorite leash and that all dogs bring their favorite human companions.

Find fun decorations and dog themed music to set the mood. Paw print balloons, bone-shaped candles and a velvet gift bag with paw prints are a great way to start. Put some fun and tasty treats or appropriate toys in the gift bag so that no pooch is left out of the festivities and has something to take home from the party. Perhaps even consider some doggie shampoo or perfume.

There must of course be food. You can find some wonderful birthday cakes that look just like a standard birthday confection, but are specifically meant for the canine connoisseur of delectable treats. You can get made-to-order pet cakes from online dog specialty stores like To avoid confusion between people food and dog food, set up separate tables. Consider presenting even the people food with a canine flair. Perhaps mini-hotdogs or tea sandwiches that have been cut out as dog prints or bones would add to the decor. Your doggie buffet could have an assortment of real dog bones and other canine treats. This way the human folk can make sure their dog gets an appropriate treat that doesn't conflict with their normal diet.

Consider coming up with some fun games that all the dogs can play. Maybe even have tennis balls monogrammed with the name of the birthday dog for everyone to enjoy. Don't forget to have plenty of water available to the four-legged party goers. After all, it's hard work to party hardy. And have scoops, bags and pails available so that messes can be cleaned up quickly. Lastly don't forget to have a photographer on hand. Whether they are professional or designated, you can bet all your guests are going to want to have something to remember the party by.