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BOOK REVIEW: Your Dog, the Owner’s Manual by Dr. Marty Becker

Your Dog, the Owner’s Manual

, Dr. Marty Becker’s book on owning a dog, is perhaps the most comprehensive, practical, and needed piece of writing on the subject ever! From the foreword by Dr. Nicholas Dodman, acclaimed author in his own right, to Dr. Becker’s friendly writing style, this is not just a good read; it is a manual that should be in every dog lover’s home. The chapters are concise; yet build on one another for a foundation you will appreciate. This is a bible of dog information; it should be recommended reading before bringing a dog home.Dr. Becker’s reference is based on solid, modern veterinary science and profound research into dog breeds, types, training, and more. There are neither fads nor misguided marketing in this book, and even the index is great. Dr. Becker regales the reader with tips, tricks, secrets, and sound knowledge that is as exciting as it is enlightening.## What’s Covered in This Book?“What are you looking for in a relationship?” starts your journey into this guide. What ARE you looking for? Dog ownership doesn’t always mean you get a perfect “Lassie” who understands everything you say or need. As you progress through the chapters containing basic information on dog breeds and types, personalities, and what to expect from these choices, you might find yourself looking inward for what you really think owning a dog is all about. Dr. Becker answers these questions and has a few of his own for you to consider. Can you handle the energy of a Border Collie, the grooming needs of a poodle, or the tenacity of a terrier? Are you looking for a dog to go for a jog, leap into agility, or pursue flyball, or do you want an old Joe to sit by your chair or on your lap and chill on a Sunday afternoon? These questions are important, and Dr. Becker answers them clearly while helping you understand the whys and wherefores.Here are more examples of what you can find in this book:Information on where to get your dog, whether a breeder should match your dog to you, and what options you should avoid at all costs is here at your fingertips. Diet, exercise, grooming, veterinary care, training, and safety are addressed thoroughly and with wit in these pages. How about leashes? Identification? To crate or not to crate? Dental care? It’s in the book.Using Your Dog, the Owner’s Manual, you can learn tips for making the dog bathing experience better than you ever thought it could be. Get a good start on behavior modification and training, canine first aid, choosing a vet (and what you are really paying for), and more.Especially important are the sections on first aid and veterinary care. Your dog will be your best friend; take care of her health and don’t mistreat her with bad training. Keep her safe and know her ways so you can tell if something isn’t quite right. Dr. Becker helps you learn these things with the information in this book. He also offers valuable advice on managing the financial aspect of veterinary care. For example, should you save for your pet’s care like you would save for your child’s college? Some people do that and feel it is well worth it. Dr. Becker gives sound economical advice on all this. (By the way, you do get what you pay for in veterinary care, and you’ll learn the reasons why in his book.)If you read Dr. Becker’s book and refer to it on a regular basis, you will be rewarded with a healthy, happy and long relationship with your best friend that will far exceed your expectations. This book is a wonderful resource for new and experienced dog owners alike.