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Breed of the Month: Why We Love Beagles

While we here at PetPlace genuinely adore all canines (mutts included), we recognize that many dog owners are breed loyal. Our “Breed of the Month” series celebrates those iconic dog breeds that have amassed widespread popularity and/or developed a cult following. For May 2016, we feature the Labrador Retriever.

There’s really no breed quite like the beagle. Small enough to adore — with those big dreamy eyes and delightful floppy ears — and bold enough to hunt, these adventurous and sometimes mischievous pups are cherished by dog-lovers of all ages.

A great all-around breed, beagles are sociable and playful, protective and loyal. They’ve been captivating and delighting families of all types and sizes for decades!

Here are seven reasons we love beagles.

1. A Beagle’s Nose Always Knows

When you come in contact with a beagle, you can almost guarantee his nose will be up in the air or on the ground. They pick up on any and every scent, and feel obligated to go find it. That’s because these amazing hounds have over 220 scent receptors. This contributes to why they make excellent hunting dogs (tracking mostly game birds and rabbits), as well as making them adventurous because they will always follow their noses!

2. Always Ready for Action

With their athletic qualities, beagles absolutely love getting out and running around. They are as curious as they are playful, with a physical, muscular build. It takes a lot to keep up with these pups, but if you love being active and exercising with your dog, you’ll love a beagle as your workout buddy.

3. Avid Food Lovers

Beagles are dogs you have to monitor when it comes to food. They have a sort of obsession with it that will easily lead them to overeat. On the other hand, you can utilize their love of food as a training device — beagles will quickly learn to sit, stay, you name it … if they know a tasty treat is the reward for obedience. But, as with any food-based training, be sure the treats are small and nutritionally-sound.

4. Perfect Company

It might seem like your beagle is a showoff or an attention hog, but the simple fact is, beagles are at their happiest when they’re around people and/or other animals. They love the feeling of being in a pack and with their hatred of being alone, they can actually suffer anxiety when away from those they love too long.

5. Family-Friendly

Aside from needing loved ones surrounding them, beagles have numerous traits that make them the perfect family pet. They are friendly, cheerful dogs who also express loyalty. Their gentleness along with their will to play makes them the best companions for children. Even though they are a social breed, they are protective of their human pack and their deep bay (a loud, gurgling kind of howl) is enough to scare away any unsuspecting person.

6. Extremely Adorable

It’s hard to not be awestruck when in a beagle’s presence. These medium-sized pooches range anywhere between thirteen to sixteen inches in height depending on whether they’re male or female. They have smooth coats that change color within the first few months to years of life. More commonly tri-colored, they come in colors like brown, tan, red, lemon, blue mottle, black, and white. We can’t forget those cute, floppy ears either!

7. They’re Famous

Beagles have surely left their mark on the world throughout the years. Shakespeare references them in his play, Twelfth Night, and they were a beloved animal of Queen Elizabeth the First and King James the First. Beyond the arts and royalty, beagles have impacted the entertainment world as well. The world’s most well-known cartoon dog, Snoopy, is a beagle, and real-live beagle actors have been featured in movies such as Inspector Gadget and Underdog. Even some famous character names were born out of inspiration from the breed, like Alfred from Batman, whose surname is Beagle.