Bringing Jet Home

Some pets play a particularly important role in our lives. They may be our sole friend and confidant during a difficult time. Or they may simply be the only "person" that really seems to truly stand by us when things are terribly difficult. There is certainly no arguing the amazing loyalty that a dog gives a loved human companion. I just read a story about one such pet.

Jenny Blazier writes about a little terrier that meant the world to her. In 1997 she was married and felt herself longing for a child. Her husband wasn't sure it was the right time though and wondered if they should wait. So Jenny gave him a choice, "A dog or a baby, you pick." So they were off to the breeders to get a terrier. Jet was a new member of the family that day.

Life isn't always predictable, however. Two years later, Jenny's marriage fell apart and it was just her and Jet. She loved Jet's company, but her job took her away three to five days a week and she worried about him. She thought her lifestyle was unfair to Jet and worried that she should find him a better home. Fortunately though, the solution came just in the nick of time. Jenny found a doggie daycare for airline employees and Jet loved it!

When Jenny was home though, Jet went with her everywhere. He loved to take rides in the car. Jenny feels that he got her through one of the toughest periods of her life.

Jet would watch a two-hour movie with her, eyes glued to the screen. Jet really seemed to listen to everything she said and Jenny thought he could understand. He did everything with her. It was maybe riding in the car that he loved best though. Although Jenny knew she shouldn't, she let her friend sit on her lap in his favorite spot when they went for drives.

Last January Jet became very ill and Jenny was given the terrible news that her friend wasn't going to make it. She was shocked, devastated and inconsolable. When she received a phone call a couple of weeks later to come pick up his ashes, she wasn't sure she could manage. She wasn't sure she could emotionally handle bringing her old friend home in a box, when he should be sitting in her lap for the ride.

After sobbing in her car for some time, she finally placed the little oak box in her lap and said, "Let's go for one last ride together." She was crying very hard when she noticed her lap had become warm and the singer on the radio was singing, "I wanna go home." Surely, Jet was still with her.