Celebrity dog Brussels Sprout is now a published author.

Brussels Sprout: Dog Author and Survivor

Looking for a unique gift for yourself or someone special? Check out the new book from “Insta-famous” dog, Brussels Sprout, and his human, Sigrid Neilson. The Good Boy’s Guide to Being Good: Master Your Humans and Live Your Best Puppin’ Life is a must-read for any pup parent. Keep on reading to learn about Brussels Sprout’s story and why you need this book in your life!

Who Is Brussels Sprout?

Brussels Sprout is a social media sensation with over 177,000 followers on Instagram. He’s a smooth-coated Brussels Griffon who’s adored by his legion of fans for his perpetually pouty expression and impressive trick repertoire.

Aside from performing over 30 tricks and cued behaviors, Sprout spends his days walking on the beach, napping in the sun, and playing with tennis balls. It’s a leisurely life for this good boy, and he loves every minute of it! But life hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Sprout.

A Difficult Start in Life

Sprout was diagnosed with syringomyelia, also known as a chiari-like malformation, in 2018, when he was just two years old. Brussels Griffons are predisposed to the condition, which is a neurological disorder that results in the formation of fluid-filled cavities in the spinal cord. Over time, the disorder can cause a wide range of symptoms, including pain, weakness, and loss of balance.

Thankfully, Sprout’s mom, Sigrid, was quick to get him the help he needed. After consulting with a neurologist and starting him on a course of medication, Sprout began to show signs of improvement. And although the road to recovery has been long, Sprout has never lost his positive attitude or zest for life.

Sprout’s Wisdom for Pup Parents

Now that Sprout is feeling better, he’s decided to share his hard-won wisdom in a brand-new book, The Good Boy’s Guide to Being Good. Written from the perspective of Sprout himself, the lighthearted guide is packed full of humorous real-life anecdotes and tips to help dogs live their best lives alongside humans.

He provides helpful hints for navigating the outside world, emphasizes the importance of canine manners, and a whole lot more. There’s even a section on learning simple, yet unique, tricks that are sure to impress!

And the best part? Each tip comes complete with a human translation so you can apply Sprout’s lessons to your own life and improve your relationship with your four-legged friend. You’ll also find plenty of adorable and entertaining photos of Sprout enjoying life (and pouting) to keep a smile on your face.

Why You Need This Book in Your Life

If you’re a pup parent, The Good Boy’s Guide to Being Good is a must-read. Not only will it help you better understand your furry friend, but it will also give you the tools you need to raise a happy, well-adjusted, and well-behaved dog. With Sprout’s help, you’ll be able to overcome any obstacle and create a lasting bond of friendship with your pup!

The book is split into five engaging chapters: Human Interest, House Rules, Brave New World, Teacher’s Pet, and Extracurriculars. In each, you’ll find hilarious stories and helpful tips that will guide you on the path to being the best pet parent you can be.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy of The Good Boy’s Guide to Being Good: Master Your Humans and Live Your Best Puppin’ Life. Your pup will thank you for it!