Bull Terrier (colored) Takes Westminster Dog Show 2006!

This year a 6-year-old bull terrier (colored) won the 2006 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. His formal name is Ch Rocky Top's Sundance Kid and is more commonly called "Rufus".

The bull terrier comes in two separate varieties: white and colored. The bull terrier is a cross between the Bulldog and the White English Terrier. It was developed to be a "gentleman's companion" in the mid-1800's. This dog is tenacious and once excelled in dog fights. Thankfully, this gory sport became illegal and the bull terrier became a loving and comical member of the family.

Competition and judging were tough, with a number of dogs returning to the show ring. Here are the results for Best in Group:

The Westminster Dog Show, in its 130th season in 2006, is the second-longest continuously running sporting event in the United States, next to the Kentucky Derby.

Future Dates

Future Westminster Dog Show dates:

February 12-13, 2007
February 11-12, 2008