Is My Dog Gay? The Irreverent Vet Speaks Out

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eye pain squinting in dogs

We recently received this question and decided to ask the Irreverent Veterinarian their opinion.
Dear PetPlace – May I ask you your opinion – Do you think dogs can be “gay”?
A. Morris


Hi – thanks for your email. Well…I’ve never gotten this question before. It is more of an animal behavior question but I’ll try to give my opinion.

I think dogs are very instinctual and have excellent survival instincts. Some dogs probably have more interest in procreating and some dogs may have different hormone levels. As far as if they are gay…I would guess they are not but I don’t really know.

Does anyone have comments on this? Do you think dogs can be “gay”? Email me or share your comments with our users.

– The Irreverent Vet

P.S. A user sent us this article today. Some of you may think it is cute. It is not meant to be offensive in any way. Mike and Roy asked that I share it with you.

10 Signs You Have a “Gay” Dog

by Mike and Roy from Columbus, Ohio

1.        His bark is high pitched and ‘goes” up at the end. baaaarrKKK.
2.        He shows no interest in intact female dogs.
3.        He doesn’t lift his leg to urinate – he squats.
4.        He likes to hang out in the closet.
5.        He likes to watch “The View”.
6.        He wags his tail to Richard Simmons workouts.
7.        He prefers pink collars and sweaters.
8.        He likes to listen to Broadway show tunes.
9.        Prefers Perrier over plain water in his bowl.
10.      Likes designer dog bowls that coordinate with his collar and bed.



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