Carri – The Clown

Dogs so frequently bring exactly what we need into our lives, whether it is a pillow to cry on or a clown to bring some laughter. Dogs just seem to know exactly what our heart desires and strive to give it to us. I just read a really heartwarming story about an Irish setter that is exactly what her family loves and needs.

Maureen Hunter in Acworth, Georgia writes about Carri, her Irish setter and what a jokester she is. The Irish setter is a regal and dignified dog. The Irish setter’s coat is long and deep red to mahogany with flowing feathers on the legs, tail and ears. Although energetic and playful, the Irish setter can also be gentle. Maureen has definitely noticed the breed’s playfulness.

Carri is great at a game of fetch, although every now and then she will dance around just out of reach with a twinkle in her eyes and a great big grin. She loves to tease, but just a little and always brings the ball back. Carri also likes to play toss. She will grab a squeaky toy and toss it to a chosen family member. If you toss her toy back, she will squeak it and then toss it to the next willing participant in the game.

Maureen writes that all of her grandparents were born in Ireland, but only one was alive when she was a child. The grandfather that she remembers had a wicked sense of humor and she remembers that he loved to kid and tease. Carri seems like a gift sent from her Irish grandfather.

Carri has also earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate, has 4 points toward AKC championship and is ready to start on hunt tests. She sounds like a fabulous dog for an active family with a great sense of humor. The perfect fit for Maureen!

Just remember when looking at breeds to choose your next best friend to consider traits that will fit you best. An Irish setter might be miserable in a home that was less active. Do you have a dog that is the perfect fit for your dog crazy home? Be sure to share your story with us!