Celebrity Animals – Test Your IQ

How well do you know television and movie celebrity animals? Check your IQ with the following questions. To check your answers, click on Answers to Celebrity Animals Quiz!

1. In Peter Pan, the Darling family has a sheepdog. What is his name?

(A) Beauty
(B) Mama
(C) Nana
(D) Spot

2. The name of Audrey Hepburn's cat in Breakfast at Tiffany's was

(A) Mouse
(B) Diamond
(C) Cat
(D) Truman

3. General Sterling Price belonged to Rooster Cogburn in

(A) Twelve O'Clock High
(B) High Noon
(C) Shootout at the OK Corral
(D) True Grit

4. Along with Sigourney Weaver, an orange cat was the only survivor in the movie The Alien. What was the cat's name?

(A) McGee
(B) Jones
(C) Tiger
(D) Murphy

**5. **______ is Garfield's girlfriend.

(A) Bettina
(B) Mary Jo
(C) Arlene
(D) Harriet

6. On Friends, Phoebe Buffay's mother is reincarnated as

(A) A parrot
(B) A racehorse
(C) A cat
(D) A snake

7. Which one is not one of the three legendary dogs of Pokemon?

(A) Entei
(B) Haiku
(C) Suikun
(D) Raiku

8. Orion had the ________ around his neck in Men in Black.

(A) Hope Diamond
(B) World
(C) Universe
(D) Galaxy

9. Which Brussels griffon co-starred with Jack Nicholson in the movie As Good as it Gets?

(A) Wardell
(B) Marcel
(C) Verdell
(D) Mamselle

10. Who is Lassie's best friend?

(A) Sleepy
(B) Mosey
(C) Pokey
(D) Hokey

11. Which animal was Juan's pet on Fawlty Towers.

(A) the Siberian hamster
(B) the singing parakeet
(C) the snarling Rottweiler
(D) the white rabbit

12. Which of Radar's pets won a race on M*A*S*H?

(A) Pokey, his pet rabbit
(B) Daisy, his pet mouse
(C) Scratchy, his pet flea
(D) Sniffy, his pet gerbil

13. Who washed the dishes on the Beverly Hillbillies?

(A) Rusty, the swimming cat
(B) Fifi, the French poodle
(C) Duke, Jed's faithful gun dog
(D) Clyde the Raccoon

14. What was the name of Norton's dog on The Honeymooners?

(A) Spotty
(B) Whitey
(C) Lucky
(D) Brownie

15. Who was the herding dog on Pee Wee's Playhouse?

(A) Roosevelt
(B) Coolidge
(C) Kennedy
(D) Jackson

16. The Brady boys' dog was named ___________.

(A) Rover
(B) Lucky
(C) Ranger
(D) Tiger

17. Fred was the name of _____________'s pet in I Love Lucy.

(A) Lucy's
(B) Ethel's
(C) Ricky's
(D) Fred's

18. Name the animal who was rescued from a shelter 20 minutes before being euthanized and went on to become a star.

(A) Lassie
(B) Rin Tin Tin
(C) Morris the cat
(D) Midnight

19. Before he became a star, Rin Tin Tin had a distinguished career. What was he?

(A) A hero police dog
(B) A German army dog during WWI
(C) A seeing-eye dog
(D) A rescue dog in the Swiss Alps

20. Lassie had an embarrassing secret. What was it?

(A) Although she played a heroine, she was actually a very cowardly dog.
(B) She was really a he.
(C) Before she hit the big-time in movies she served as a look-out at Al Capone's Chicago headquarters.
(D) Although her movie roles portrayed her as a wonder dog, she started in Vaudeville as part of a juggling act; she was so bad her agent sold her contract to the movies.

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