Celebrity Dogs: What Kind of Dogs do the Celebs Have?

Celebrities set lots of trends in our lives, including some of the pets we choose. In the past the rich and famous wanted extravagant pooches to go along with their extravagant life style. High priced pure breeds used to dominate the list of celebrities' dogs but mutts, mixes, and hybrids are joining the diverse list of dogs owned by celebrities.

Pound Puppies

Some celebrities are reaching out to help those in need. With lots of shelter dogs available for adoption it is becoming more common to see celebrities with all-American mutts on a leash. Celebrities love to be involved in charities and this is just another way
they can do their part. Local humane societies and animal shelters have plenty of dogs to choose from, and the price is right. Some examples of celebrities that have had the heart to rescue mutts are as follows:

Puggles & Poos

Mixing and matching is a popular trend among celebrities as well. Designer dogs are increasing in popularity and price as breeds are being mixed to create a desired hybrid. Maltipoos, Cockapoos, Puggles, and Labradoodles are just a few of these made to order pups. These designer mixed breeds offer a chance to combine the attributes of two favorite breeds, with the hope to minimize breed related illness and maximize the favorite characteristics. Some celebrities that have capitalized on this idea are as follows:

Pure-bred Dogs Lead the Pack

This old standard is still quite influential. With a wide variety of pure-bred dogs available, celebrities are free to pick a size and style to fit their desires. A trend to choose purse-sized pups has been overwhelmingly popular in recent years. Dogs like Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and Yorkshire Terriers fit perfectly in the designer bag of the moment and are often seen in celebrity photos. Some celebrities that have pure-bred dogs are as follows:

Just like us, lifestyle and personal preference play a huge role in the type of dog a celebrity chooses.