Chance, Coincidence or Reincarnation

There isn’t a dog that comes into our lives that doesn’t seem to be brought to us by some form of synchronicity. It’s as if the universe is careful to award the dog most needed to each and every household. Is it possible though that our beloved dogs can be reborn and return to us if they wish? I just read a great story from a woman who is absolutely certain that this is possible.

Lucy Burr tells the story of losing her beloved 13 year-old golden retriever, Teddy. Cancer had taken its toll on Lucy’s wonderful dog and she knew it was time to let him go. That didn’t make it any easier to say goodbye, however and she missed him deeply.

Six months later she had the opportunity to talk with an animal communicator at a dog camp and although she was discussing another troublesome retriever, the subject of Teddy came up. When the communicator offered to try and get in touch with Teddy, Lucy figured she was crazy, but felt that it wouldn’t hurt. The communicator told her that Teddy wanted to come back as a golden retriever again and to expect a call in January, but to wait for the second puppy. Lucy then talked about a new puppy with a breeder before she left the camp, but promptly put both discussions out of her head.

Lucy did get a call in January and put a deposit down on a puppy, but for some reason her heart wasn’t in it. Several months later she hadn’t been in touch with the breeder, but thought she saw a sign from Teddy and gave the breeder a call. The breeder, thinking she wasn’t interested had sold the puppy Lucy had put a deposit on, but a second puppy was suddenly available, if she was interested. Lucy was definitely interested.

When she got there, the breeders introduced her to the puppy which they called…get this, “Teddy.” The breeder said that they had named the pup “Buddy,” but he wouldn’t answer to this. So their daughter suggested, “Teddy,’ which he instantly responded to when called.

Lucy wasn’t sure if all of this was coincidence or fate, but she notes, ‘Call it chance. Call it coincidence. Call it reincarnation. No matter what you call it, I got my best friend back…” She was even more certain when at three months old her puppy knew almost all the commands she had spent 13 years teaching Teddy. Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, you have to admit that Lucy found a great friend!

Did you dog come to you in an act of synchronicity or a moment of need? Be sure to share your story with us. We would love to hear it!