Check Your Dalmatian IQ

How well do you know the Dalmatian? Check your breed IQ with the following questions, then click on the related article to the right entitled "Answers to Dalmatian IQ Test."

1. The Dalmatian is known for his energy because he

(A.) has a genetic disposition to produce excess adrenalin.
(B.) is descended from coaching dogs, bred to run alongside horses for hours at a time.
(C.) suffers from a condition known as canine hyperactivity, closely related to the human ADD syndrome.

2. The breed has long been associated with firehouses because

(A.) the dogs were blamed for starting the famous Chicago fire, after one of them upset a candle into a pile of hay.
(B.) they were the mascots for the New York City volunteer firemen, first in the nation.
(C.) in the era when firetrucks were pulled by horses, the dogs ran in front to clear a path; while firefighters battled the blaze, they stayed on the sidelines, calming nervous horses.

3. Which genetic defect is common in the dogs?

(A.) Deafness
(B.) Blindness
(C.) Retardation

4. Which personality trait is unfortunately becoming more common in Dalmatians due to poor breeding?

(A.) Aggression
(B.) Hyperactive
(C.) Fear

5. Dalmatians are short-haired dogs that shed

(A.) not at all
(B.) all year long
(C.) only on the hottest summer days

6. Who is the villain of 101 Dalmatians?

(A.) Pongo
(B.) Perdita
(C.) Cruella De Vil

7. The best way to find a Dalmatian puppy is to

(A.) check with a purebreed rescue organization or reputable breeder
(B.) head for the nearest pet store
(C.) check the ads in your local newspaper

8. The Dalmatian makes a good companion for

(A.) an elderly single who wants an easy dog to take care of
(B.) a family with a toddler or two
(C.) an active single who likes biking, hiking, jogging and in-line skating

9. The Dalmatian takes his name from

(A.) the tribe of gypsies with whom the dog was first identified
(B.) the area of the Austro-Hungarian empire where the breed once served as guard dogs
(C.) the name of the artist who originally painted them and made them popular in the 15th century

10. Left to their own devices too often, Dalmatians have a tendency to

(A.) get bored and destructive
(B.) relax and enjoy the time off from their families
(C.) sleep too much and lose their appetite