Chihuahuas -The Irreverent Vet’s Opinion on the Chihuahua

Chihuahuas – Flip a coin, because when getting a Chihuahua you may get the sweetest, cutest family dog or a yipping, biting annoyance.

In practice, I see both. However, Chihuahua owners are usually very accepting of their dogs and very devoted to them.

Generally, Chihuahuas are fun little dogs that often have a lot of personality. Their demeanors can range from fun to serious and aggressive in some instances. Some can be very calm, yet others can be nervous and yippy. Overall, Chihuahuas are loyal and neat-even meticulous.

This breed loves to be loved and can make a great breed to dress up. Chihuahuas like to play but are not particularly "active" and do not have any special exercise requirements. They have a relatively long lifespan.

Since Chihuahua personalities can be so varied, be sure to choose your dog carefully starting with a reputable breeder. It is advisable to ask to see the dog's parents when possible and to call available references before making your decision.

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