“Daisy Mae” A Basset Hound Life Line

“Daisy Mae” A Basset Hound Life Line

Dogs have bottomless hearts capable of helping us through the worst moments of our lives. When the world is crumbling around your ears there is no comfort like burying your face in the fur of your best canine friend and letting him soak up your tears. Dogs seem to be designed to help us heal. I just read a story about a woman who went through some very hard times that she may not have managed if it weren’t for a very special dog.

Chris Younts in Orange Park, Florida tells the story of her Basset hound, Daisy Mae who survived a terrible accident and a lot of heartbreak several years ago. Daisy Mae was in the car with Chris and her husband when they were in a violent collision. Daisy Mae didn’t travel well and so had been given a mild sedative and strapped in with her doggie seatbelt. The crash was so intense that the buckles on Daisy’s harness were broken. She seemed fine however and later the local vet found that she had survived without any serious injuries. The diagnosis for Chris and her husband was a different story all together.

Getting Chris’ husband out of the car required the “jaws of life” and both were taken to the hospital. Chris had a broken collarbone as well as massive bruises and contusions. Her husband was diagnosed with broken ribs and massive bruises. Unfortunately, the doctors missed that he had suffered a spinal compression. For 20 days he walked in great pain and then his smooth muscles quit working and the doctors again misdiagnosed him. On the twentieth day his legs stopped functioning. An MRI revealed the real problem, but by now he was permanently paralyzed from below the arms. Pneumonia followed and he was put into intensive car, hovering between life and death for three months.

This was such a horrible time for Chris, but Daisy was there for her through it all. She liked Chris’ face and let her bury her face in her fur to cry. Sadly, Chris lost her husband six and a half months after the accident. The sweet dog seemed to understand the sadness and was a rock to cling to in the storm. Chris says that Daisy was the only thing that got her through the days and nights.

Sadly, Daisy Mae died of cancer this year. Chris’ daughter had given her another Basset hound, so she wasn’t left along, but Daisy will always be her special girl. Chris can’t imagine how she would have made it without her and will always love her faithful companion and best friend.



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