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Do Office Dogs Make Work More Fun?

Making it through the 2 p.m. slump at work can be a difficult challenge, but office dogs can bring energy back into your day.

If you love dogs, the thought of bringing your pup to work has certainly crossed your mind more than once. Leaving behind those puppy eyes each morning can break your heart, and going to work without him can actually have a negative impact on your day. Office dogs do wonders for office environments and employee morale. Unless you’re someone who isn’t a fan of animals, a dog in the office is a never a bad thing.

Having a calm and friendly dog present at your job makes the office a better place to work, and, for some, having office dogs present can even be the deciding factor in where they choose to accept a job offer. With millennials finding it easier to change jobs, many businesses are looking for ways to boost positive and engaging work environments. Office dogs are an easy and fun solution for businesses to build employee morale around something many people love.

Animal lovers know that having a friendly pup around on Monday mornings can erase stress just by seeing a wagging tail. Seeing a curious furry face poke into your office can instantly put a smile on your face. However, having office dogs can do more for your workspace than just boost a positive atmosphere.

Office dogs are a great way to provide employees with a unique solution to relieve stress during the day. Having a pooch near your desk is proven to prevent serious stress-related health conditions like heart disease and diabetes, and it can also encourage your employees to be more motivated to come into work. Less employee absent days means a more productive office, and having office dogs in your space promotes a friendly environment.

While office dogs are nothing new, the benefits they provide are helping businesses grow and expand by increasing productivity and fostering employee happiness.

How Office Dogs Can Change Your Office Dynamics

With the benefits office dogs provide becoming more popular, many business owners who have been against office dogs in the past have changed their minds when they’ve seen the research on how dogs can affect and create a more productive and positive workplace. The benefits they see once they welcome dogs into the office quickly outweigh the negatives, and are leading other businesses to do the same.

Having a dog nearby brings a cathartic feeling for employees who might be having a difficult day. Typically, when you’re struggling at work there isn’t anywhere for you to get out your frustration. Dog lovers know what a hug from a happy pup can do, and because dogs seem to have a sixth sense for our emotions, they know just when we might need a little extra love.

If you’ve ever felt trapped in your cubicle, office dogs help bridge the gap between you and coworkers who you might not normally interact with. Building a sense of community is another way that office dogs make the workplace an overall better place to be. This added face-to-face time while bonding over a cute dog presents the opportunity to make new connections and friendships, and provide an outlet to get away from your computer screen. Office dogs can bring people together, and by doing so make work a more enjoyable place to be.

When you start working somewhere with office dogs, it’s not uncommon for the dog to be the first name you memorize. The pleasant surprise of a dog in the workplace leads to better attitudes and employees who are more connected. It can also help employees stay active. Taking a break to play with the dog or even take him for a walk can help bring the energy you need to finish the day strong, clear your mind, and fuel creativity, all while getting to spend time with a friendly pooch.

Got a tough problem that you’re not sure how to solve? Taking a mental health break to spend time with the office dog can help you relax and return to your desk with the perfect solution in mind. It’s difficult to remain frustrated when a friendly face comes to say hello, and by taking the time to return the love, you’re mentally taking a deep breath so you can return to your work refreshed.

Having office dogs is the perfect way to make your office a brighter place. If you have a pup who’s good around people, consider seeing if you can bring him into work for the day and watch how he makes the office feel like a happier place to be. You just might convince others to bring their dogs in as well, and the positive atmosphere will just keep growing!