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Dog Toys: Results of Owner Survey On favorite Dog Toys

We recently did a survey asking dog owners what their dogs favorite toys were.

We wanted to share the results of the question – “What is your dog’s favorite toy” with you to maybe give you some new ideas for your dog.

If you want to submit information on your dog’s favorite toy – take the survey at the link below.

Remember, whatever toy you choose – make sure it is safe for your dog. Make sure it can not be eaten or swallowed. You may need to allow him to play in a supervised manner to ensure that he plays safe.

What is your dog’s favorite type of toy?

Toys Response Percent
Kong 6.7%
Tennis ball 21.8%
Stuffed toy 37.8%
Toys Response Percent
Rope toy 11.3%
Chew toy 9.0%
Frisbee 5.8%
Hide a treat toy 4.4%
Toys Response Percent
Interactive toy 1.7%
Nylabone 5.2%
Talking toy 3.8%
Other 24.7%

Other toys

1. tied between a large bone and a dried coconut
2. A old Rubber Chicken Chew Toy
3. two balls joined together
4. Kong football
5. bones
6. paper towel rolls (the cardboard part)
8. small squeaky basketball
9. anything with a tail
10. Kong ball
11. Squeeky Plastic Toys
12. squeaky soccer ball
13. treated natural bones
14. a black octopus with long legs
15. (It’s a tie) and cheese in his bone
16. Soft rugby ball
17. empty plastic pop bottles
18. basektball
19. a empty 600ml plastic coke bottle.
20. rope knot ball
21. stuffed animals that squeak
22. any kind of ball
23. FatCat toy
24. soda bottle 2 litter
25. Jolly Ball
26. Jolly Ball
27. sterilized marrow bone stuffed with peanut butter
28. remote control car
29. squeaky toy
30. Rubber ball with little legs on it
31. 3 Rubber rings linked together
32. Plush ball
33. tree stick
34. Big Ball
35. Squeaking rubber toy
36. ball
37. bone shaped stuffed toy
38. splash ball(foam covered in material)
39. squeeky toy
40. squeaker
41. cheap squeekie toy
42. Toughly made squeakey fooball
43. Beef Shank Bone
44. A little rubber pork chop that squeaks.
45. soft drink plastic bottles
46. squeeky stuffed toy
48. soft ball that squeeks
49. Rubber Chicken
50. orange plastic ball
51. my pair of Dog sleepers
52. tire
53. a ball
54. squeaky (sm. hedeghog)
55. Basketball, soccerball
56. ball-that squeeks
57. Laser light
58. squeaky dog
59. Merrick 7-9″ Hard Chew bones
60. empty soda bottle
61. 1 3/4″ neon orange superball
62. squeaky toys
63. Vynil Balls (large/smooth surface)
64. air kong donut ring
65. Booda Bone
66. Rawhide Bone
67. A round hard rubber ring with 1/4″ nubs all around
68. stuffed pig that squeeks with rope pull handles
69. elephant toy
70. Soft plastic squeaky toy
71. planet dog large orbee ball
72. Squeaky toy
73. Bubba loves all his toys!!
74. cloth covered foam ball
75. small Plastic Ball or tennis ball
76. Tire
77. Empty Water Bottles
78. A rope with two cow hoofs
79. Squeekey toy, stream of water

What is your dog’s favorite toy?