Dogs and Cats Vote for President 2008 – Are Cats More LIBERAL Than Dogs?

November 5th, 2008. Boca Raton, Florida.

A poll of over 15,000 pet owners asking their pets to “vote” for the presidential candidate that was likely to give them the best life was completed last night. The results were surprising and substantially different between cats and dogs., the premier information source on the web for medical, wellness and fun pet information, conducted the poll.

The dogs election was close throughout the 9,200 votes with McCain and Palin ahead by only 1 to 2 % points then pulling ahead at the last minute and winning by 5%.

However, the cats voted for Obama. Obama was clearly in the lead from the time the pet polls opened and they elected Obama with a margin of 16%!

The one consistency between dogs and cats is that 5% of both groups thought that neither candidate would be good for their pets.

Here are the results:

Dogs voted as follows:

DOG POLL RESULTS:Which presidential candidate will allow your dog to have the best life?POLL RESULTS – MCCAIN WINS

McCain/Palin 49% (4500 votes)
Obama/Biden 44% (4058 votes)
Neither are good for my dog 5% (422 votes)
Both are good <1% (68 votes)
I’m not sure 2% (162 votes)
Total Votes: 9210

Cats Voted as Follows:

CAT POLL RESULTS:Which presidential candidate will allow your cat to have the best life?POLL RESULTS – OBAMA WINS

McCain/Palin 37% (2216 votes)
Obama/Biden 53% (3133 votes)
Neither will be good for my pet 5% (318 votes)
Both are good 1% (61 votes)
I’m not sure 4% (213 votes)
Total Votes: 5941

This brings up the question – why the difference between cats and dogs?

Are cat owners more liberal? Are dog owners more conservative?

It may be that cat owners are more liberal, open-minded, free spirited and less regimented. They don’t have to walk their dogs twice a day. They just have to remember to scoop periodically and fill the bowl. Or is it because cats want to distribute wealth among the strays?

Are dog owners more conservative? Do dogs want to keep their bones? Are dogs are more loyal to their party? Did hunting dogs tipped the scales in favor of the republicans?

Or is it the physical characteristics of the candidates that lead the dogs and cats to vote the way they did? Did more dogs vote for John McCain because he is stocky and built more like a dog? And more cats voted for Obama because is lean, slinky and agile like a cat?

Or is it because there are more cats than dogs in the U.S. and therefore cats have more votes? Cats also seem to reproduce faster and therefore may have more offspring to vote. Others may say that cats are “smarter”.

We are pet people, not political analysts. I wonder how CNN would interpret this?

We hope you enjoyed the results of this poll.

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