Dr. Golden is Always In

So many dogs are more than just pets. Dogs seem to know inherently when we’re hurting both physically and mentally. More amazing though is that they often seem to know exactly what to do about it! We get stories all the time about dogs that go above and beyond and love hearing every one of them.

I recently read an especially heart-warming story from Alan Tyler in Madison, Indiana.

Alan tells us about his two golden retrievers, dogs that are his best friends and more. The dogs are constant companions and helpers to Alan who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis nine years ago, a debilitating disease that increasingly limits mobility. Alan has difficulty walking and sometimes even standing, but his canine companions are always there to lend a paw.

Sammie, Alan’s 10 year old female golden retriever is always on hand to help him if he’s feeling ill or having difficulty standing. When he struggles to get up out of a chair, she is right there for him to put a hand on her head to steady himself.

Sammie’s best friend Baily, Alan’s other Golden retriever is 5 years old. She is younger, but Sammie has trained her well. Both the dogs are always there for him, even above and beyond the call of duty. Alan points out with amazement that even when his legs muscles get tight and jittery, a symptom of his disease, Sammie and Baily will stand at the edge of his recliner and let him kick against them, the only way he can get relief.

Alan’s two dogs are the best friends that anyone could have, understanding when he’s feeling a little blue. There are there not only to assist this brave man with battling this difficulty disease, but there are also there for cuddle and a hug. Alan swears that, “These two beautiful fun loving pets are the absolute best Physician a person could have, I love them both to death and don’t know what I’d do without them.” He says that his “puppers” are the perfect dogs, heroes in every sense of the word.

There are a lot of dogs these days that do the work that Alan’s do. Even if you are fortunate enough to be in great health, your dog can do similar work if it has the right temperament. Consider exploring local nonprofit pet therapy organizations. These places take dogs to convalescent hospitals and recovery wards to help those that are healing get the special assistance of a furry physician. Your dog may be just the pooch to brighten someone’s day!

Do you have a pet that’s your best medicine? Be sure to write us and let us know!