Ellie is Lost! (Or is she?)

There is nothing more frightening than discovering that your favorite canine companion is missing. What you do in the first few hours can make all the difference in your chances of finding them as well. You should never make the assumption that your dog has been stolen and there is no hope. Immediately start canvassing the neighborhood and if your initial efforts still leave you poochless, then make flyers to post right away.

I just read a really wonderful story about family who did all the right things when they found that their dog was missing. Thankful they were able to find their dog, but certainly not where they expect to find her.

Judith Watson of Indianapolis, Indiana write about her wonderful Yorkshire terrier Ellie. After living in South Carolina for 10 years the Watsons had just moved back to Indiana along with Ellie. They had only been in their new home for three months when Ellie turned up missing after their grandson had come over for a visit. The family immediately started looking and calling throughout the house, but there was no response. They tried shaking car keys and calling out that it was time to go "bye-bye." Even though Ellie loved to go for rides, she didn't appear.

Thinking the little Yorkie might have snuck out while no one was looking, they all started looking outside as well. After about thirty minutes everyone started to get a little panicky. Where was she? They canvassed the neighborhood and neighbors joined in the search. Judith's husband who is disabled, drove up and down the street on his mobility scooter, calling. Judith went back into the house and search again. Nothing.

Judith was beside herself now and started to make up flyers on her computer with a photo of the sweet Yorkie. Her daughter arrived and took the flyers, posting them around the neighborhood with her father and going door to door. They stayed out until nearly dark.

When Judith's daughter and husband returned, she heard a barking and thought they had found her. She raced to meet them at the door, but they were both empty-handed. "Where is she?" Judith asked, but no one had her. Then the dog barked again.

Judith opened the coat closet and out jumped Ellie from her resting place in a carrier at the back of the closet. Judith had looked in there several times, but Ellie had never responded. Judith wonders if maybe Ellie figured she was in her carrier ready to go and everyone would figure it out eventually. She must have fallen asleep waiting.

The closet is the first place the Watsons look now if Ellie is missing. She's been found there a few times as well. She is microchipped now and Judith swears that she will never get lost again. The Watson's adore their little Yorkie!