Enjoy a Pet Movie: Do You Have a Favorite?

Do you have a favorite pet movie? After a long day at work, it is enjoyable to kick back and what's better than a movie about pets?

If you're looking to rent or purchase a pet movie for your cinema night, there are many ideas below. We've compiled a list (in no particular order) of some of the all-time best, family-friendly movies starring dogs and/or cats.

Cats and Dogs

A close second in the PetPlace.com's 2002 Pet Movie of the Year contest, this movie is a favorite of many. This 2001 action-packed comedy is all about the secret war, hidden from humans, between cats and dogs. In this film, a cat is planning to destroy a dog allergy eliminating vaccine developed by a scientist played by Jeff Goldblum. The cat, Mr. Tinkles, is attempting to alter the formula to render humans severely allergic to all dogs, so that dogs will be unwanted and cats can rule. Of course, the dogs won't sit back and just let Mr. Tinkles win, they will put up a fight too in the war between cats and dogs.

Old Yeller

This drama / adventure movie produced in 1957 by Walt Disney Productions is about a poor, frontier family and the love they share with their yellow, mixed-breed dog. Old Yeller came into this family's lives when the sons find him as a stray. The dog's commitment and gratitude toward his new family is highlighted throughout the film. Near the movie's end is one of movie history's most heart-wrenching and memorable scenes. Be sure to have your tissues ready!


An adventure film from 1974, Benji is an adorable, family-friendly movie which led to multiple sequels. Benji was a stray who was befriended and fed by the townspeople. He was especially fond of a couple children who would feed and play with him, despite their parent's wishes to stay away from the dog. When the children are kidnapped, Benji lends a helping paw in the quest to save them.

Where the Red Fern Grows

Set in the Great Depression, the boy works hard to earn enough money to purchase these dogs. The boy and the two dogs embark on a hunting adventure through the Ozark Mountains, facing tragedies and victories. Throughout his time with the dogs, the boy learns valuable lessons in hard work and friendship.

Lassie Come Home

An adventure / drama film originally from 1943, this movie is a classic that has been enjoyed through the generations. Lassie is a beautiful Collie who is sold by her family during hard times. Despite this unfaithful action by the adult members of Lassie's family, she is committed to returning to the small boy who misses her dearly. The movie takes you through the ups and downs of her journey home. You will laugh, cry, and be amazed at the talented acting of this famous, canine movie star.

TV series, spin-offs, and remakes abound from this classic. Most recently, there were remakes of the movie in 1994 and 2005. Lassie is one of only three dog characters to win a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Shaggy D.A.

A Disney classic originally made in 1976, this comedy is about a lawyer running for the position of District Attorney whose race for the seat is complicated by a reoccurring change of species. At the most unfortunate of times this lawyer finds himself transforming into an English Sheepdog. This comedy will have you laughing as the lawyer turned canine runs from dog catchers, tries to hide his transformations from his family and friends, and embarks on a quest to solve the mystery of his changing body.

Disney remade this film in 2006, titled The Shaggy Dog and starring Tim Allen.

Lady and the Tramp

A Walt Disney classic from 1955, this is an animated love story of a classy Cocker Spaniel named Lady and a stray mutt who goes by Tramp. Join them in their fight to be together despite their differences. Even those who haven't seen the movie know it contains one of Disney's most famous animated scenes – the spaghetti noodle kiss!

101 Dalmatians

Another Walt Disney classic, originally made in 1961, this animated film is loaded with canine adventure. The dreaded Cruella De Vil steals Dalmatians to make a Dalmatian skin coat. One litter's parents, Pongo and Perdita, desperately try to save the pups before Cruella has her way.

In 1996, this film was remade in an unanimated, live-action version.

Dr. Doolittle

Originally a musical in 1967 and remade as a comedy starring Eddie Murphy in 1998, Dr. Doolittle is loaded with fun for all ages. Dr. Doolittle is a veterinarian who discovers that he can understand what animals are saying, and the animals flock to him, happy that someone speaks their language!

The 1967 musical sends the good doctor on a journey to find Great Pink Sea Snail. Along the way he meets and talks to many other exotic creatures. The song, "If I Could Talk to the Animals", was popularized by this movie.

In the 1998 version (PetPlace.com's 2002 Pet Movie of the Year award winner), the doctor faces criticism from his skeptical family and friends, and his successful career may be at stake. Eddie Murphy went on to star in Dr. Doolittle 2, which includes a humorous appearance from the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin.

Turner and Hooch

A 1989 comedy starring Tom Hanks, Turner and Hooch will give you a soft spot for the canine officers who serve and protect their human police partners and their community. You will laugh at the antics and messes of the goliath dog, Hooch, a Dogue de Bordeaux. While teetering on the edge of your seat through the crime-fighting action, you will feel tugs at your heart strings from the unending commitment between dog and human officer.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

This adventure film from 1993 stars a Golden Retriever named Shadow (voiced by Don Ameche), a Himalayan named Sassy (voiced by Sally Field), and an American Bulldog named Chance (voiced by Michael J. Fox). These three pets owned by a family with three children get along at home like typical human siblings – they love one another but they have their share of disagreements. When the family takes a road trip, they are left with pet-sitters, family friends who live on a farm. Confused and feeling abandoned, the trio embarks on a long and sometimes dangerous journey homeward.

Shadow is the old, wise leader of the group, while Sassy is the prissy, smart-aleck who isn't always too keen on "roughing-it", and Chance is the young, trouble-maker sometimes making the trip extra challenging.


From 1992, this family comedy gave St. Bernards the loving, family dog reputation that Stephen King's movie, Cujo, had taken away. At the start of this movie, the young Beethoven narrowly escapes being used for weaponry research and finds his way into a loving home, where he is eventually accepted by all the members of the family. Of course, as St. Bernards do, Beethoven quickly grew to be a large, drooling member of the home. Along the way, he got into much trouble and challenged his families' commitment to being dog owners. He secures his place in the home by helping the children build their confidence and even saving one of their lives. Again, Beethoven faces the danger of the weaponry researchers and it is up to his family to rescue him.

There were four sequels to this movie, Beethoven's 2nd, Beethoven's 3rd, Beethoven's 4th, and Beethoven's 5th.

Eight Below

Released in 2006 by Walt Disney Pictures, Eight Below is a drama / adventure film based on a true story. Set in the brutal cold of Antarctica, this movie is about two men and a sled dog team who embark on a mission to find a rare meteorite, despite the dangerous weather conditions. After a near-death experience and a heroic save by the sled dog team, the weather forces the men to evacuate. Unfortunately, the plane cannot accommodate the canine team as well, so they must be left for a later rescue. An agonizing six months pass before a rescue team can be funded to perform the rescue. Will there be any survivors?

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