Everyday Heroes – Saving a Life!

Dogs aren’t always easy pets. They can get into all kinds of trouble and require lots of clean up and repair work. Ask any dog crazy person and they’ll tell you that they are most definitely worth all the work though. Even some of the most difficult dogs have moments where they prove that they are invaluable members of the family. I just read a wonderful story about a trouble-making dog that saved a young boy’s life.

Karen Hystad of Dilworth, Minnesota writes about finding a photo and remembering a Boxer named Jo Jo, who she realized should have been unforgettable. Jo Jo jumped through window, tore up everything he could find in the house and just generally was a troublesome dog. All of that changed one Fourth of July when the family was visiting Karen’s parents in South Dakota.

Jo Jo was tied up where the family was picnicking at the lake. Jo Jo suddenly fought with all his might, broke his tether and was off full steam ahead. He jumped over the picnic table, ran to the edge of the dock and jumped right into the lake. Karen at first figured that he was being his normal trouble-making self, but changed her mind when he jumped in the water. Jo Jo hated to be in water.

The dog dove and came back up under Karen’s five-year-old son, Mark. The life jacket had flipped Mark over with his face down in the water. The dog had noticed the boy was drowning and had come to his rescue! Karen said that if it wasn’t for Jo Jo, Mark may not have made it. And the amazing thing was that after his heroics, the dog never gave them another moment’s trouble. He became the best dog the family ever had. Our dogs may have short lives, but they truly are members of the family that stay in our hearts for as long as we live.

Do you have a story about a special dog in your family? Be sure to share. We would love to hear it!