Great Fall Activities for Pets

Top 10 Fall Activities for Dogs

Looking for something fun to do with your pooch so you can enjoy everything the fall season has to offer together? Whether you find dog-friendly activities or make up your own, fall is the perfect season for fun with your furry friends, so don’t leave them out of the excitement.

Here are 10 dog-friendly ways to spend more quality time with your pup this autumn:

1. Add Some (Pumpkin) Spice to Your Life

A dog-friendly pumpkin patch is the perfect fall adventure to share with your fur baby. Make a whole day of it by stopping at your favorite coffee shop for a pumpkin spice latte for you and a pup cup for your best friend, and then spend the day picking pumpkins to decorate your home.

2. Grab a Basket and Go Apple Picking

Apples are ubiquitous with the fall season, and what better way to spend time outside with your dog than heading to an orchard for a day full of apple picking, apple cider, hayrides, and brisk fall walks?

When you get home, you’ll have a harvest of memories (and fresh apples) to keep those fall feelings alive. And, don’t worry, you can even share your bounty with your pup. After all, they earned it! Learn more about how to share apples safely with your pup here.

3. Go Trick-or-Treating with Matching Costumes

Your dog is your family, so be sure to include them in your Halloween celebrations! We love a good themed costume, so when you’re picking one for yourself, be sure to make one for your dog too. Then you can both take part in the trick-or-treating festivities by handing out candy together or taking a stroll around the neighborhood. We guarantee you’ll get tons of compliments on your stylings.

Here are some coordinating costume ideas to inspire you this Halloween:

4. Partake in Some Unbe leaf able Fun

The most stunning part of fall? The changing leaves, of course! Take your dog on a road trip to go leaf peeping as the weather changes and the leaves start working their magic. There’s no better way to see leaves than with the windows down and your nose in the wind… On second thought, leave that part to your dog. You’ll have to settle for pulling over at scenic stops.

Not interested in a road trip this year? Make a day of raking leaf piles and then release your dog’s inner @dognamedstella and race them to the piles to see who can leap in the fastest.

5. Take Your Bestie Hunting

For a lot of people, the fall season means hunting season, and for working and hunting dogs, that’s when they really get to let loose and do what they were made to do. So, whether you’re hunting wild game or just hunting for fabulous game photos, be sure to include your dog so you both can reconnect with nature’s beauty.

6. Bake Your Fall Faves

There’s nothing like baking something sweet for a cozy fall day in. Curl up with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa (or hot apple cider!) and put something yummy in the oven. Here’re some fall tastic recipes featuring maple syrup for your human friends and a yummy pumpkin cookie dog treat recipe for your furry friends. They’re so good you’ll want to bake extras to share.

7. Have a Frightfully Fun Movie Night

Scary movies are best shared with a friend, so pick the scariest film you can find (we recommend Poltergeist for you and Cats for your dog) and cuddle up on the couch with your dog. Don’t be ashamed if you need to close your eyes now and then. Dogs don’t judge.

8. Get Crafty

Rainy fall days keeping you inside? Get creative with some fall-themed crafts. Make your own wreath for your door, create fall décor, or craft something spooky for Halloween. While your creative juices are flowing, make something your dog can enjoy. We love this dog bed, and you can add a touch of autumn by selecting fall-printed fabric!

9. Host a Dog-Friendly Friendsgiving

Bring all your friends together, regardless of species for your own dog-friendly Friendsgiving. Keep it simple by having everyone bring a dish, and be sure to whip up some pet-friendly turkey for your pet friends. Check this list of human foods that are safe for sharing.

10. Pics or It Didn’t Happen

No matter what fall activity you choose to share with your dog, be sure to snap some pics of you living your best life! Share them to social media, and be sure to tag us @petplace. We go gaga over pet pics.

Plus, here are some of our favorite fall-themed puns to include in your hashtags and captions:

Make fall even better by sharing it with your dog. They’re your companion, and love spending time with you as much as you love spending time with them. So celebrate the season and spend some quality time together before the winter chill sets in.