A fashionable dog in a pullover sweater.

10 Fresh and Fashionable Instagram Dogs

These doggos really dress to impress!

1. @jiffpom

Superman? More like su-paw-dog.

2. @itsmochithepom

Fall is here, and you know what that means… sweater weather!

3. @thepuggysmalls

He didn’t choose the pug life; the pug life chose him.

4. @itspomegranate

Pomegranate is an absolute style icon, especially in this outfit.

5. @baothechi

Bao looks fresh to death in that hoodie and shades.

6. @bellagolddoodle

Anything is pawsible when you look this good.

7. @corlynk

This Poodle is fur-sure stylish!

8. @mrclaudefrenchie

These Frenchies are still in summer mode, and they look totally pawsome.

9. @odeevizsla

This doggo belongs on the red carpet.

10. @pop_sausage

What’s cuter than a wienie in a bikini? The answer is nothing!