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Food Trucks for Dogs are Bringing Al Fresco Dining to Fido

At dog parks around the country, a new kind of food truck is pulling up to offer treats. These new popular food trucks are making dogs dreams come true — a truck full of food just for them has pulled up, and the humans are treating them to new healthy dog treats, including dog-safe ice cream!

In Birmingham, Alabama, the Fetch truck is pulling into pet-friendly events from farmer’s markets to festivals with piles of scrumptious healthy snacks for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Fido To Go is Chicago’s acclaimed “gourmutt” truck. Proclaiming itself as “the first doggy treat truck of its kind in the nation.” Fido To Go has become a familiar sight at Chicago dog parks, lake beaches and local events serving American-made gluten and allergen-free canine cookies along with doggy ice creams or frozen yogurt concoctions for pups on a diet!

Austin, Texas, has joined the pack with Bow Wow Bones. As they proclaim on their website, the company is dedicated to supporting dogs and the canine-loving community by spreading joy and love — especially at “yappy hour.”

The Barkery in Seattle offers another charming doggie food truck as well as a fixed location at their Dogwood Park Treat Bar. They publish a calendar so fans will know where to walk on a given afternoon. For special events, they will whip up impressive looking one-of-a-kind dog birthday cakes — served on a Frisbee platter, of course.

Human fans of these canine treat trucks cite the pleasure of taking your dog to a pet-friendly event and finding treats awaiting both of you. The biggest advantage? These cute vehicles make it easier to avoid feeding your dog human food, one of the hazards of an afternoon on the town. The new healthy treats can help make it easier for dogs to behave at human-centric events.

Each of these rolling dog diners features a menu designed to help dogs avoid sickness or obesity. Many of the choices are organic or preservative free. Dog-ready donuts or ice creams look sweet but like all the treats, avoid the sugar that makes human snacks bad for dogs. The trucks become a trustworthy way to be confident about what you’re feeding your dog. Many of these trucks offer unique creations that will keep you and your dog coming back.

Food Trucks for Dogs Make for Good Dogs

The new treats can also help make it easier for dogs to behave at human-centric events likes fairs and festivals where humans tend to do a lot of snacking. Going to the truck becomes a great opportunity for your dog to make friends and socialize with the other pups – while humans are busy making chatting, too.

Dog food truck companies are good citizens in their communities. Like human-centric food trucks, canine treat trucks often show up to support events for a cause. Trucks are also taking the initiative to put out a jar for money for shelters and rescue dog adoptions rather than taking tips for service.

In towns lucky enough to have dog food trucks already, patrons offer some useful tips. First, ask for free samples if you’re unsure if your dog will like his treat. Many trucks will offer tastes so you can be sure to delight your dog. Second, look for calendars or simply follow your local dog food truck on social media to find out where they’ll be next. Third, some of these companies have figured out that they can offer people treats too, so ask for human snacks if you’re feeling just as peckish as your dog.

if you have a major milestone coming up in your dog’s life or your own, consider arranging a custom private party. A mini get together for your favorite pet owners with a custom doggie cake for the pooches – what could be more fun than that? Most of the trucks offer catering for dog or human birthday parties, whimsical celebrations, pet shop customer appreciation events and other dog-friendly events.

So get out there to enjoy this new mobile community institution. And if there’s not a dog food truck in your town yet, it just might be time to take inspiration and spread the canine culinary revolution.

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