For the Love of the Mutt: The 2004 Great American Mutt Contest

As Bill Murray said so famously in the movie Stripes, "There's no animal that's more faithful, that's more loyal, that's more lovable … than the mutt." That short statement contains a lot of truth. The mutt is the all-American dog.

And it's why mutts are once again being celebrated with the 2004 GREAT AMERICAN MUTT Contest. The Contest is now open and accepting entries. Full details are available at The 2004 Great American Mutt contest is a nationwide competition to find the most special and unique group of adopted or rescued mixed breed dogs in America.

Since the contest opened June 1st, entries have been rolling in from Arkansas, California, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Dog enthusiasts can register their mutts from now through Monday, September 20th. To enter your MUTT, read the contest rules on their website and then send in two photos of your mutt with up to 200 words about your mutt. Your story can be about what is special about him or her . . . how was your life changed with this addition to your family . . . where did you find him or her . . . OR whatever will help put your mutt on the road to becoming the Great American Mutt 2004! There is no entry fee for the contest and entries will be accepted either online or via U.S. mail. Entries will be accepted through the summer, judging will begin in the fall and the winner will be announced in December.

This is the fourth year of crowing America's Great American Mutt! Previously, Tails In Need has hosted shows like the one held in 2002. This was a wonderful show held in New York's Central Park, called The Great American Mutt Show! Dogs of multiple or questionable lineage were welcome with. Categories of competition including "What Else Am I?", "Best Trick" and "Highest Jumper". The finalists competed for "Best in Show." The "Best in Show" winner was an 11 year old German Shepherd/Whippet or Greyhound/ Terrier mix, named Brandon.
The celebration of the mutt is being underwritten by Tails in Need, a not-for-profit foundation that promotes public awareness with regards to the value of adopting mixed breed, unwanted and abandoned animals. Tails in Need operates through donations, using events such as the Great American Mutt Show to encourage adoption of animals as well as spay and neuter programs.

And The 2004 Great American Mutt Contest Winner Is….