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Top 5 BEST Dog Halloween Costumes

It’s estimated that 15 percent of Americans will buy costumes for their pets and will spend almost three times more on costumes for children than they will for pets. The business of pet costumes has been growing. It’s no longer about a simple bandana or Santa hat on your dog.

When it comes to dressing up your dog in a costume, some pet costume options are just better. Our Top 5 Dog Costume list is filled with the most hilarious, adorable and favorite pet costumes out there!

Our Top 10 list was compiled by conducting interviews with pet owners just like you. Plus, we vetted the costumes based on quality and actual customer reviews from

#1: Prisoner Dog & Cat Costume

With the Frisco Prisoner Dog & Cat Costume, your pooch or kitty will be the cutest jail-pet around. Dress up you fur-gitive with this two-piece costume that includes a prisoner’s hat complete with an adjustable chin strap for a secure fit, and a pull-over style shirt with bars for an authentic look. Perfect for all shapes and sizes.

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#2: Werewolf Dog & Cat Costume

Full moon or not, your furry one can get a whole lot furrier wearing the Frisco Werewolf Dog & Cat Costume. This three-piece werewolf costume comes complete with fluffy hands, “ripped” pants, plaid shirt, furry hat, and removable cape. Perfect for themed photo shoots!

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#3: Hotdog and Ketchup Costume

Hold the dog, because your pooch or kitty is actually the hotdog in the Frisco Hotdog Ketchup Dog & Cat Costume. Dress up your pal in between two plush sesame-seed buns and a generous squirt of squishy ketchup on the back. It’s super easy to put on thanks to the Velcro straps on the belly and the neck.

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#4: Red Riding Hood Costume

Whether she’s a wolf or just a sweet little girl on her way to grandma’s house, your precious pup will bring the fairy tale to life with the Rubie’s Costume Company Red Riding Hood Dog Costume. She’s sure to turn plenty of heads strolling through the woods or at a pet parade

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#5: Devil Dog Costume

Give your little angel a new look with the Zack & Zoey Sequin Devil Dog Costume. A must-have for your Halloween party—or just a share-worthy photo op—your friends will love the sparkling cape that is decked out in sequins for a devilishly cute effect.

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