Giving What You Get

Our dogs give us so much that we dog crazy people often go above and beyond to give all they offer us back to them. For some folks this means a lifetime filled with new toys, special snacks and trips to their favorite places. Sometimes though, what really makes the difference is the time we give them and love we offer back. I just read a touching story about a woman who was able return a favor to her dog.

Karen Werth writes about her love for two Siberian huskies that share her home, Suka and Troika. Karen lives by herself and the two dogs were her very best friends. One day she became very sick and had to have emergency surgery to remove a four pound tumor from one of her ovaries. Fortunately, the tumor was benign, but Karen’s recovery from the surgery was slow and painful.

Mostly Karen worried about her dogs. Suka and Troika were used to daily trips to the dog park and lots of fun activity. Huskies are active dogs and Karen thought it would be a lot to ask of them to lose their normal fun time. However, the two dogs stayed quietly at her side, keeping a diligent watch over Karen for the first whole week after her return. Karen was grateful to have such wonderful friends.

A year and a half later, Troika became ill. He was having trouble standing and was obviously not feeling well. Troika’s vet diagnosed him with Lyme disease and put him on antibiotics. Karen dragged her mattress downstairs so that she could sleep with her ailing dog. She figured that if Troika could do it for her, she could certainly repay the love. Karen slept with him downstairs until he was strong enough to walk the stairs and sleep with her in her bed. Karen is certain that this made all the difference in Troika’s speedy recovery. After all, Troika definitely helped Karen recover.

Do you have a wonderful dog like Troika that you would do anything for? Be sure to share your story with us!