Glasses for Dogs?

Glasses for Dogs?

The innovators of Doggles®, a protective eyewear, essentially "goggles for dogs" have been popular and created numerous requests to Doggles® for a version with corrective lenses.

When mature dogs begin to lose their eyesight or when man's best friend suffers from bad vision, cataracts or unsuccessful cataracts surgery, it can be troubling for pet owners as historically there has been little or nothing to help remedy the situation. Doggles® Originalz with corrective lenses are veterinarian approved and can be obtained simply by providing a veterinarian or veterinarian ophthalmologist vision prescription to Doggles® and within days your dog will be enjoying the gift of sight!

"For dogs with disease or eye injury, protective eyewear for dogs can be very important in their overall treatment plan," said Dr. Michael Brinkman, DVM and Veterinary Ophthalmologist at Veterinary Ophthalmology Service in Las Vegas, Nevada. "I recommend them to the owners and more times than not the owners will invest in them in order to facilitate the care of their pet. The new corrective lenses are a great addition for pet owners to consider."

The Doggles® team is very proud of this innovative product. "We are passionate about providing protective eyewear for dogs, but we wanted to take it a step further," said Roni Di Lullo, president of Doggles®. "And knowing how many dogs suffer from bad vision, this seemed like the obvious next step."

Also new to Doggles'® innovative lineup, the company has announced the release of solid black lenses to replace any of the company's other lenses when a pet is blind or to serve as a patch following surgery.

To purchase one of the many styles of Doggles® or to order corrective lenses for your dog, visit or call 1.866.DOGGLES.

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