God’s Great Gift To Mankind

This story was submitted by one of our wonderful PetPlace dog lovers. He gave us permission to share it with you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

God’s Great Gift To Mankind

The Lord, with all of his infinite wisdom, created the heavens and the earth.

After much time passed, He became lonely and brought upon the earth all the fish and the animals of the world.

He mused at watching them go about their daily lives, foraging for a living and caring for their young, and said: “This is good”.

As more time passed the Lord became lonely again, so he created Man in his own image and likeness. Man was an incredible creature who was given free will to do as he pleased, and our Lord gave him the authority to rule over the earth and the animal kingdom.

The Lord saw mans imperfections and decided to give to him a special gift, designed to be a constant reminder of how a man should treat his fellow man.

SO…..The Lord thought and thought and decided to take all the good qualities in man and put them all together and shape them, and when He was all done He had made a creature that was loyal, honest, fearless and courageous.

A creature who exhibits unconditional love and would die to protect man and stand by him no matter the conditions, to the very end.
Never would a man feel alone, this creature would never willingly leave his side. If a man is filled with sorrow, this creature will always be there to consol him, to love him, and will unselfishly perform any task taught to him for the wages of food, love, and the right to exist.

Also, If a man wants to play, this creature will always accommodate him!

The Lord, in all His power and His glory, breathed upon his creation and brought it to life, and in His hands he held a perfect bundle of joy, with bright happy eyes.

A tear appeared in the corner of the Lord’s eye as he gazed down into his large gentle hands…

For he knew His job was finished now.

He had created a masterpiece.

………A wiggly little dog 🙂

– Steve Y. 2008